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Delving into Dwell on Design – Modenus top picks

dwell on desing

Dwell on Design opens June 24. In amongst the 200 exhibitors are a good many old friends and some new faces we feel the need to introduce you to. Here’s our top trio of picks for today. Watch this space for more!

Capital Cooking Equipment Inc.
Booth Number: 221
On Modenus

Capital Cooking Equipment cook-top

And we start, for no reason other than Modenus Tim’s obsession with the quality of their grills, ovens and cook-tops with Capital Cooking Equipment. These are the people who make kitchen equipment for people who cook. It is true that everything they make looks good, but it is the details that are designed to delight the most fastidious chef that make them one of our favourite appliance manufacturers.

Booth Number: 203

Walter fish wall decor

Wallter make coat racks, mobiles, textiles, planters and lots more creative stuff. They also make what they call ‘Wall Decor’. The shapes are made out of wood and  the good news for people who like painting is that they are supplied in matte white ready for your tender attentions. That’s also the bad news for people who don’t like painting.

wakaNINE – David Trubridge Design
On Modenus

David Trubridge Design Wing light

The Dwell web site doesn’t give a booth number for wakaNine, David Trubridge’s representatives in North America, but we promise the hunt for them will be worthwhile. We are fans of David and have enormous respect for his commitment to creating create environmentally conscious design. We also love his designs, so clearly inspired by the natural world.

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