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Contributed by The Daily Basics – Michael McHale Designs

We love when designers and design enthusiasts in our communities on Twitter, Faceboook, LinkedIn and other platforms can take some inspiration away from Modenus. Great design is about great resources and about finding new ideas with which to inspire clients and ourselves for that matter. What we love even more than sharing great designs with you, is when you share them with us. Shelley, researcher extraordinaire  at The Daily Basics was nice enough to introduce me to Michael McHale Design on Twitter this morning and I didn’t want to waste a minute before re-sharing this little treasure with our readers. Thanks Shelley.

Michael’s story is just the same old same old “entertainment lawyer turned creative lighting designer” we’ve heard a hundred times before – I jest of course , it’s an inspiring story of someone who followed his heart to do what makes him happy and he deserves a full blog for that which I hereby promise for a later date. What he ended up with is a most extraordinary lighting concept that features “industrial pipes and fittings drenched in fine crystal”. Scroll down for more amazing fixtures. Above is the linear chandelier from his Industrial Collection.

Also from the industrial collection, the Billiards Chandelier.

Industrial Collection Desk Lamp

This Single Light pendant is from Michael’s new Tribeca collection which is specifically designed at a lower price point to make these designs available to all lovers of stunning and imaginative design.

And finally, a Modenus favorite because it still uses the inspiration of pipes and fittings but interprets them in a more abstract version. Very glam and still very edgy.

Thanks again to The Daily Basics for the intro!

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