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Big fish: Scabetti creates a shoal chandelier for Rick Stein and Liberty of London

Scabetti keeps appearing in the most glamorous places. As part of their ‘National Treasure’ campaign Liberty of London asked British sea food chef and TV personality Rick Stein to make a contribution. A lovingly prepared Mackerel wasn’t going to fit the bill. As Rick says himself , “I was a bit stumped.  A recipe, a piece of kitchen equipment or a picture of the Padstow Estuary, none of them filled me with enthusiasm.” But he remembered the Staffordshire based lighting artists who made the chandeliers for his much admired Cornish Seafood restaurant. The Rick Stein Shoal, as it is known,  is a scaled down version of the restaurant chandelier with 288 fine bone china fish, including two John Dory, a fish some of you foodies may know as St. Pierre,  by  sculptor John Bromley.    It is strictly a ‘one-off’ and is being auctioned as part of Liberty’s ‘National Treasure’ campaign with bids invited between October 21 and 30, 2011. Picture by  Mark Wood

Even more scaled down, but distinctly Scabetti, there is also a table lamp featuring a screen printed shade with 288 fish including two John Dory. The base is made from oak salvaged from shipyards with the individual knots and grain of the wood ensuring that no two lamps will ever be the same. Picture by  Frances Bromley.

And, to complete the circle, this is where it all started, Rick Stein’s Padstow restaurant, with its wonderful Scabetti chandelier. (Picture courtesy of the restaurant).

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