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Atelier Areti at Design Junction London 2012 – playful and charming

It is a  rare occasion on which  you get to use the words ‘fun’ and ‘media storage’ in the same sentence but BrumBrum by Atelier Areti certainly ticks the ‘playful’ box. It is made from powder covered steel and the handle can be removed or left in place, just in case you get the urge to trundle your equipment across the room, remembering first to unplug it!

BrumBrum by Atelia Areti

We were also taken by their Alouette range of lights featuring birds sitting on tubes to form ceiling, floor and desk lamps. And, we are told, the lights are now available in brass. British design studio Atelier Areti are  product designers, artists and architects, who work  with highly skilled manufacturers and craftsmen in the UK, Sweden, Germany and France. What’s more, they are exhibiting at this year’s Design Junction which we will be visiting as part of BlogTour London. It promises to be a great show and a great tour.

Alouette  lights by Atelia Areti


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