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What the…? Straight Line Design from Vancouver

Crash Table by Straight Lines DesignStraight Edge Design don’t want to sell you this table.  They don’t really want to make anything they have made before.  Their commitment to fun and innovation is so profound that they would prefer a conversation and then make something just for you. Or maybe for some children you might know?

The crash table could have leapt from a Hanna Barbera cartoon. It was no doubt chasing another pesky table which took a nifty step sideways before poor old crash hit the wall. Maybe it was chasing one of these?

daddy long legs table by Staright Lines Designs

These are, of course, Daddy Long Legs, the tallest being almost eight foot tall.  If this makes you laugh we guarantee the last image in this blog will make you go ‘Arhhhhhhhhh’. But please don’t ask us to explain it.

cracked cabinet by Staright Lines Designs

Anyone else thinking Tom and Jerry? Or Roger Rabbit? But make no mistake, this is real furniture made by the very real Judson Beaumont and his staff of eight full-time craftspeople with care, attention to detail and quality materials.

opps cabiney by Staright Lines DesignsI laughed out loud when I saw this. Oops! Cabinet is brilliant. I don’t know if I will ever meet Judson Beaumont or if he will  read this blog, but I do want to say thank you. Anyone who takes this much care turning the fantastic realm of cartoon chaos into sold reality is, frankly, a hero. Thank you Judson.

Now we did promise to make you go ‘arhhhhhhhhh’. We’ve had a few furniture makers on Modenus who have asked us to include pictures of their dogs -White Designs and Bomb Factory both spring to mind. We’ve always obliged. And we know our good friends at Skinflint Designs have got a bit of a thing for the classic Air Stream caravans.  Well this is for all of you.  Just don’t ask us ‘why’?

camper by Straight Lines Designs

Go on, you did, didn’t you? There are lots more surprising things on the Straight Lines website. Our day is now brightened.

  • http://www.pillowthrowdecor.com PillowThrowDecor

    Amazing creations and superb craftsmanship! Looks a little Alice-in-wonderlandish. Great post!


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