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Splinterworks at Decorex- Casting aside preconceptions

Miles Harwell and Matt Withington  – collectively known as Splinterworks, have been producing extraordinary pieces since  2009. So we are very excited about taking our BlogTour friends and colleagues to see them at Decorex in London this September. This is one of those occasions when I know I could write whatever I like because everyone is just going to be looking at the picture. Such is the lot of a humble copywriter.Soar Conference Table by SplinterworksAnd here they are, perched and leaning on their new Soar Conference Table, which takes its inspiration from the shape of a kestrel coming in to land. The table is finished with a burr olive ash veneer top. And this puts us in mind of one of our favourite desks, also made by Splinterworks.

Stiletto Desk by SplinterworksStiletto Desk, well what else could it be called,  reminds us of a couple of the leading lights of the Society of British Interior Designers. Anyone who has met Vanessa and Lavinia will understand. That red underside is heavily dyed Birds Eye Maple, the top is French Burr Walnut veneer. Splinterworks have made just twelve of these extraordinary desks, in other words, six pairs.Shoot  water slide by Splinter worksShoot  water slide by Splinter worksShoot is a water slide made from carbon fiber and silver leaf. Splinterworks seem to have no respect for gravity. They create pleasing shapes and make them work. Even the steps are delightful, sculptural shapes. The handrail is formed by the curved edge of the shoot. Who would have thought that it was possible to have an elegant water slide?

Vessel by SplinterworksBack to defying gravity. More carbon fiber but this time with a touch of stainless steal and gold leaf. We’re not sure where you rest your cup of tea and slice of toast. And scrubbing the tub with a good abrasive probably isn’t to be recommended. But once again, with Vessel, Splinterworks have crated a piece with extraordinary grace and beauty.

Tipping Point by SplinterworksTipping Point by SplinterworksSplinterworks say that they have a particular affinity with ‘developing works that rethink how we prepare, cook and experience food’. They bring the kitchen out of what they describe as ‘ the grid shaped room at the back of the house and into the living areas.’ This is Tipping Point, another gravity defying piece, this time in, amongst other things, concrete and highly polished stainless steel. The overall effect is both dramatic and yet, in a contradictory way, light. And individual elements are as precisely thought out. There is a glass topped induction hob, a dishwasher, a curved sink and a reclaimed teak draining board. The edges are raised to create a counter or a bar and to hide the prep areas for line of sight. Splinterworks are true innovators, daring to dream of pieces which seem impossible, and then turning them into reality.





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