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Polly Westergaard – updating tradition

Polly Westergaard in Wingback Chair
Polly Westergaard explores elements of past trends in her work, updating traditional designs for contemporary living, drawing on the influences of historical pieces and examining the ways in which these designs can be re-invented to function in today’s interiors. She is of Danish ancestry, has British roots  and is now part of the thriving new design community in the British North Eastern Geordie city, Newcastle.
Her Klasse Wing Back lounge chair is based on the iconic British design. The wing back chair was originally designed to guard the user’s face and upper body from drafts in old houses, and to add protection from the heat of the roaring fire. The sleek finish and exaggerated form of the Klasse Wing Back, combined with the natural materials used, ensures a contemporary, eye-catching adaptation of this classic piece.
Stag Clock by Polly WestergaardFormerly an icon in old films, symbolizing wealth and station in life,  stag head hunting trophies, always a little dusty, always a little sad, a testament to a fine beast killed for idle entertainment and vanity have taken on new meaning in the world of design with mock- stag heads and antlers in wild finishes now adorning the walls of even the most wildlife conscious design aficionados.  Well this is the Westergaard twist. It is 50Cm X 28cm, can be produced in a variety of colors and has a proper pendulum movement clock reminiscent of the grandfather clocks in old Stately Homes.

Stag Mirror by Polly Westergaard

Continuing the hunted stag theme, it is also available as a mirror and we’re assured no animal was harmed in the making of this piece. It would look wonderful above any mantel piece. Made from mirrored acrylic, a shatterproof lightweight alternative to traditional glass the mirror measures 94cm x 54cm. There is also a handheld dressing table version which is great fun but probably liable to giving a clumsy user a swift poke in the eye!

Animalask Clock by Polly WestergaardThis is intended to be a children’s clock. I think that’s a bit of a waste. Sorry kids, it makes me smile and its going in the kitchen. So there. There is a cuckoo bird at 12 o’clock, of course, and a monkey swinging on the pendulum at six what more could you want?  The clock is made from powder coated mild steel and is available in a range of colours.

Coat Rack Polly WestergaardAnd I suppose this is intended for children as well? Polly describes it as a solution to the perennial problem of coats left draped over chairs. I don’t care. I want to hang my coat on the ostrich peg.  Also  made from powder coated mild steel and available in a range of colours.

Forgive Sideboard by Polly WestergaardBack to adult furniture, or at least furniture intended for adults. The Forgive Sideboard is a quirky take on traditional design with drawn-on  panels and door handles. And, just in case you were worried about the absence of a real handle, the doors operate on a push latch mechanism. I love the idea of using this in a traditional setting and watching people react. It reminds me of an old Goon’s joke, I think. “The curtains were drawn, but everything else was real.”

Enkelt Table by Polly Westergaard

And we’ve all had this problem. Where do you hide that incriminating note that you’ve been puzzling over  just as the vicar enters? Oh. You haven’t. OK. Well maybe where do you slide your table mats, or magazines or, well I don’t know.  Anyway, here’s your solution. The Enkelt coffee table is made from solid oak, with a veneered table top.  And that  slot along the length of the table is perfect for whatever you chose to elegantly slide into it. Now if someone would lend me a ruler I think I can just about reach that note.


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