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More funky, entertaining German design. What is happening to our world?

Book Chair by Nils Hoger Moormann

A recent Modenus Interior Design blog marveled at the sense of humour evident in the work of Bruehl. So many of you were taken aback by the very concept, never mind the existence of, German humour that we thought it was time to remind you all about Nils Hoger Moormann, a company which has been creating distinctly left field furniture by young designers since the early 1980s.

Bookinist is, perhaps,  Nils Hoger Moormann’s best know piece. It is, as you can see, a movable chair designed especially for reading. You can get around 80 paperbacks into it, it has a reading light, of course,  and secret places  for pencils, erasers  and a note book. So who needs a Kindle now?

Garden shed by Nils Hoger Moormann‘Garden Shed’ doesn’t really seem the right title for ‘Walden’ this wonder of exterior organisation. There is a place for everything, a sliding glass roof, a place to sit, a swinging fire cauldron, watering can, bird house and more.

Garden shed by Nils Hoger Moormann

Garden shed by Nils Hoger Moormann

Actully, when you think about it , there is something rather German about that ‘ a place for everything and everything in its place’. Sorry – only teasing.

shelving by Nils Hoger Moormann

Finaly, some shelves to make all our dads feel better about their efforts at DIY. ‘Es’ doesn’t just slant, it wobbles. In fact it is proud to wobble, that’s just the way it was made. We love all the finely crafted classic furniture you find on Modenus, and possibly even elsewhere, but we need room for the strange, bizarre and humorous. All credit to Nils Hoger Moormann. We are looking forward to seeing you in Milan.


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