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Jason Philips – tables with a tale

Jason Philips Corocotta Table

You can rely on Jason Philips to do interesting things, his furniture invariably has a story to tell.  He has sent us a couple of his new concepts which we are able to share with you.  He describes his Corocotta Table as ‘Blocky bits link to chunky chunks’. In fact, Corocotta employs solid wood end cuts from furniture production and links them together in a twisting configuration.  Add a glass top and it makes a spectacular cocktail table.  And if you were wondering how it all holds together, the secret is a steel armature that is threaded through the cubes, providing a structurally sound form that appears to deify gravity.According to Jason, the piece was influenced by the story of an ancient warrior which we will, of course, tell you.

Corocotta was, apparently,  a Cantabrian warrior leader who fought against Rome from the years 29 BC to 19 BC. His great achievement was the union of the disperse Cantabri clans in an alliance against the invading Roman armies, to the great exasperation of the powerful empire.

The Roman historian Dio Cassius relates the story of this robber who caused numerous difficulties for the Roman Army. Such was his fame that during the campaign of Emperor Augustus in Cantabria from 26-25 BC, a price of 200,000 sestercii was put on his head. To the emperor’s astonishment, none other than Corocotta himself walked into the Roman camp, presenting himself and demanding the reward. In a gesture to Corocotta’s bravery, the Augustus let him go after granting him the money.

So that’s what you could tell people who ask you about your interesting coffee table which, by the way measures 54 x 30x 17”h,

Jason Philips Map Table

But what can you tell your curious guests about these tables from the map collection? Eagle eyed patriots may spot that these are, in fact, New York, New Jersey and California. They are also made from wood end cuts from furniture production and are available in wood and lacquered finished. The idea, eventually, is for Jason to work his way through the entire United States. If there is a State you want Jason will make it for you. Texas is going to make one hell of a big dinning table.

In the meantime the California Console is 65 x 18 x 33”h, New York Cocktail is 48 x 36 x1 6”h and New Jersey Side is 28 x20 x22” h .

Jason’s full collection is, as ever, available at www.jasonphillipsdesign.com and dealer locations are listed at www.phillipscollection.com.


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