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From chaos comes order – Rainer Mutsch furniture

I was never great at putting up shelves. I think it had something to do with my somewhat relaxed attitude when it came to spirit levels. As I grew older, and more experienced I developed a more successful technique which involves earning money and then giving it to someone. This rambling memory was prompted by Rainer Mutsch‘s Crash.  Actually, the very name reminds me of my DIY efforts. Crash is made from plywood and, we are told, is easy to construct without recourse to drills, nails or glue. It may look chaotic but is actually so stable that while it is perfectly happy up against a wall it also works as a room divider. And it will be great fun deciding where you place that old vase you found in the attic.

Chaos and order is also a feature of Rock Elements, a collection of tables and stools which, cleverly, have identically sloping sides so you can arrange them anyway you like.

You can even line them all up in a row.  There is nothing boring or predictable about the work of Rainer Mutsch.  However you use it, wherever you use it it will be memorable.

The organic curves of Dune, outdoors seating, are the antithesis of the sharp angles of the other furniture by name name we are showing you. But it shares the disregard for convention and the clever modularity of Rock Elements. And, much to our delight, it is made out of concrete, well Eternit cellulose fiber-cement panel, to be precise.

Rainer Mutsch says the user can ‘choose an individual seating position according to his or her individual taste’ in other words, you wriggle about until you are comfortable. We think it is delightful and recommend a good rummage around the Rainer Mutsch web site for anyone feeling a tad jaded with tradition. But before we go, one more chair.

It is a rocking chair described by Rainer Mutsch  as ‘an artificial, technical interpretation of natural rock formations. We know the very person who would love it for Christmas.


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