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Endesigns – furniture as unique as a hole in the ground

Endesigns is Katya Jovkovic and Ryan Brown and they make furniture in ways that other people haven’t thought of. Their Quarry Al range, for example, is the result of molding what they call ‘negative spaces in the earth’, and we call ‘ holes in the ground’ and casting them in aluminum. They cut away, they polish and they add mahogany elements and the results are unlike anything else you are likely to come across. This is their reception desk, an imposing piece of furniture if ever we saw one.

Their coffee table may not be the right pick for my Great Aunt Ethel’s living room, or ‘front parlor’ as she would have called it, but somewhere it would look extraordinary.  I have a problem with the way the design community use the word ‘unique’. It is banded around carelessly referring to anything which is a little out of the ordinary. People qualify it without meaning – for the record, nothing can be ‘absolutely unique’, ‘quite unique’ or ‘very unique’ it is either unique or it isn’t. That said, I have a terrible urge to describe the work of Endesigns as ‘absolutely unique’.  I will not.  It is unique – each piece is as unique as the hole in the ground it was cast from.

Endesigns’ Quarry Clarus range is similar to Quarry Al,  except it uses transparent resin rather than the aforementioned light alloy. This is their desk and it is really rather hard to know what to say about it. I have been known to stomp around trade shows expressing my craving for originality, to see something I haven’t seen before. And that’s why I am truly grateful to Endesigns, forgiving them some of the most pretentious web copy I have read for a long time.  This is refreshing originality.

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