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Things Modenus Loves – beautiful, distinctive and modern furniture by David Rasmussen.

We are always keen to share beautiful, distinctive, modern furniture and were delighted to receive these images from David Rasmussen. This is the table that first caught our eye,  something you don’t see everyday, a table based on an artichoke. The top is an acrylic painting by Artist Scott Harris, the body is made from shop-molded plywood faced with  zebra wood veneer and coopered to form the elliptical shell.  Cocobolo legs are mortised into the shell. Never say we don’t give you details!  David Rasmussen is a Colorado based designer maker who produces one off pieces of furniture which are distinctive, modern and extremely well made. The designs may be contemporary but the furniture is constructed using traditional techniques and skills. Lego is a collaboration between David Rasmussen and Amee Hinkely.  Another acrylic painting forms the top, this time, according to David, reminiscent of a cracked open geode. And those legs, in case you were wondering, are  re-used from school chairs.

David’s Nautilus chair is inspired by a Chinese armchair from the Ming Dynasty. The seat is made from hand-shaped beetle-kill lodge pole pine.  Both the seat and stays are painted with custom-tinted milk paint.  There is a lovely elegance in the way that the metal base  emerges from the gaps between the slats. The world is full of chairs but talented designers like David still design pieces which are distinctive and even surprising.

We love the flowing simplicity of David’s “Curve A Linear” easy chair and side table. He acknowledges Danish design as the inspiration for these pieces. The upholstered seat is, we are told, formed to the shape of the human back. The legs and arms are made from claro walnut. And you know that if you saw this chair at a trade show you wouldn’t be able to resist sitting in it. And you also know you would be finding every excuse not to get up again.

And finally, for now, the Plank Bench. We love a good outdoor bench. There is something very sociable  about a piece of furniture designed for sharing those relaxed, contemplative moments. David’s version is an elegant variation of the traditional item. It is available in various woods and colours and robust enough for  just about anything the elements may throw at it.

There is much to admire in David’s work. He describes his desire to make heirloom pieces to pass to future generations. We concur, this is enduring style, not temporary fashion.

  • http://www.jali.co.uk/ modern furniture

    Art is to create something never imagine by anyone.

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    Modern furniture with the touche of Art, PERFECT! :)


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