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A labyrinth of color and pattern – Maze by Bibi Al Ghanim

blue chair and pattern chair colorful by bibi al ghanim maze

Maze – in the Kuwaiti dialect means ‘table’ and in the English language it’s a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route, at least according to Wikipedia. But while we agree that Maze designs are complex and even complicated at times, we quite happily remain within this labyrinth of color and enjoy the creative outbursts of designer Bibi al Ghanim who says the inspirations for her work “just come to her without thinking”. Well, we’ve seen a few designs before that have also come about without thinking and we really wish they hadn’t, but this is different. Very different.

wooden drum table by bibi al ghanim at maze

Every piece in Bibi’s collection is unlike any other. Materials are sourced from around the world, leather from England, wood, buttons and shells from Lebanon

colorful art object and chair with clothes hanger by bibi al ghanimFabrics for the collections are sourced from all over the world. We can’t get over this piece. Part chair, part art it’s a classic assemblage, a stream of consciousness that’s become a tangible object.

colorful patchwork pillow bibi al ghanim

Much of Bibi’s work is about the cornucopia of colors and patterns and is most apparent in her line are pillows,  like this one from the Messilah collection.

colorful ottoman by maze

You can locate Maze products at Restoration and Beyond but we suspect a US retailer will pick the line up before the ink on this blog is dry.

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