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Its not just the bookmarks from i3 that are shouting help!

This was going to be one of those blogs that proclaims our admiration for the work of a designer we have come across. And in most ways it is. Fairy Tale book marks from South Korean design firm i3 are our favourite ever bookmarks. They reveal an instinct to have fun, to take pleasure in everyday objects which we applaud.

Imaginary Kingdom, from the same company who, by the way, will be at 100% Design during the London Design Festival, is also charming. As the designers say ‘create your own fairy tale on top of your books. We are, however, going to fall out with i3 three and when I’ve spent a minute showing you a couple more examples of their work you’ll know why.

Scary!  Metamorphosis pillows are inspired by the work of the same name by Franz Kafka. They come with a range of animals all guaranteed to scare  the bejeebers out of  forgetful and sleepy parents as they stumble into teenagers rooms to awaken their offspring.

And finally, before the rant, Nocturne by Moon is a full-moon shaped cushion which glows in the dark . It was made using digital printing from real images of the moon.  We don’t know how they make it glow and we don’t know who thought an illuminated pillow would be a good idea – ever. Sorry I3, just not with you on this one, our rem cycle is disturbed just from looking at this.

But now the monthly website rant. The i3 web site ranks alongside all those French and Italian sites with extravagant animation, unwanted music and mystery navigation as one of the worst we have struggled with since we started  showing you lovely things on Modenus. On this occasion tiny text in grey and minuscule pictures which break their promise to enlarge no matter long we  ‘mouseover’, as instructed. Honestly, i3, we are intrigued by your work, but please give us a fighting chance to find out about it.


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