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Turn up the heat – handblown glass before & after by Adam Aaronson

Glass is such a ubiquitous material that most of us don’t ever give it’s existence a second thought. We deal with glass in one way or another every day, be it architectural glass that is used in our homes, utilitarian glass we use to drink from and quite often even art glass. The latter we see as something beautiful, colorful, fragile; a vase, a lamp base, a bowl and we likely marvel at the beauty but don’t often stop to think what it is and how it’s made.

I had a chance to learn a bit more about the ancient art of glass blowing from Adam Aaronson, one of the UK’s leading glass artists who’s work has been shown by prestigious galleries throughout the UK, Europe and the US with custom art glass and lighting installations on display in notable hotels, restaurants and cruise ships. Above we’re showing the “Bark” bottle collection but please read on for a glimpse of the master at work in this special before & after feature.

Adam typically works with a small team of two or three but let’s for a moment not call it work. I’ve never felt so clumsy in all my life, standing amongst three people who were dancing around one another  at great speed yet careful not to get burnt or damage the blob at the end of the long blowpipe or punt. Swift and perfectly orchestrated movements from the kiln, to the maver and back again to the kiln, with only seconds to work the molten glass before it cooled too much to be workable. Above, Adam shapes a molten piece using wet newspaper. How the man can perform this work, in excruciating heat and still be dressed well is beyond me.

And, as was to be expected from the glowing red glob above a short time later a new piece of the “Wave” collection emerges. Saw that coming did you? Yeah right. Part vase, part decorative accent, I’m in love with these pieces for their color, shape and the layered effect of colored and clear glass. I have a birthday coming up Adam!

And once again, Adam working the molten piece, quickly to keep it from cooling too much to become unworkable

And the completed objet d’art, a new member of the  “Flame” collection.

Adam’s work encompasses the Aaronson Noon collection of design focused pieces like lamps, vases, bowls as well as knobs and finials but you should have a look around his art collection as well to truly appreciate the depth of the man’s ability and talent. And if simply being in awe isn’t your cup of tea, then have a go yourself and get into one of the half-day classes the company is offering. I noticed one being advertised for couples; now if this much heat doesn’t rekindle the fire, nothing will.

Oh, you’re wondering if we have Adam’s work on Modenus? Why yes, of course we do, have a look around and send him a message if you’d like to see more of his work .

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