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Kim Klelund – Crazy Beautiful Euro Mix

Fabula Sofa by Kim Klelund

Kim Klelund is a Swedish designer who having started her career in Italy, moved from London to Berlin to establish her own design studio. Yes, she speaks English, Italian and, of course Swedish. Apparently she is working on her German. Look hard and you can spot all the influences in her bespoke furniture and installations, as well as her own collection of furniture and interior accessories.The English tradition of cabinet making is there, the German accuracy and attention to detail, the Italian flare and the Swedish sense of clean simplicity and elegance.

The items we are showing are from her Fabula collection. that’s Latin for fable, as we are sure you all knew.  So, they tell us, they all have a story. The sofa is distinctly Scandinavian, inspired by the settle couches of the Gustavian period.  Kim received sponsoring from the well known Swedish textiles company, Jobs, for the fabric who dubbed her work‚ ‘crazy beautiful furniture‘. And who are we to disagree.

Fabula Sofa by Kim Klelund

There is something fascinating about the legs of this coffee table, The Ribbon. It may look effortless in it‘s simplicity but each length of steel is a different length and angle.  It only works thanks to a true craftsman‘s precision and experience.

You know we love concrete. Well, Beton is  German for concrete and the Beton table is all about the transformation of Berlin since the fall of the wall almost 20 years ago.  It is available in a variety of colours and finishes. The table that is, not Berlin. Although come to think about it…

Mazey by Kim KlelundThis elegant sideboard is called Mazey.  We are not sure what its story is but it is a good sized piece of furniture that allows for everyday objects like books and CD’s as well as accommodating oversized and awkward pieces like vases, LP’s or champagne glasses. Now why did the mention of LP’s and Champagne make us think of  Tracey and her friends at Black Crow Studios?

Majestic Rug by Kim KlelundMajestic Rug, we are told, is inspired by initiation ceremonies. One person is  stood before an initiator and is in a position to be accepted into a group, or be given a certain power. The central space in the rug is where the person being initiated would stand, with the entrance to the ceremony on one side and the acceptance into the group on the other. We think it is a very nice rug and that’s good enough for us.


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