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Outdoor lounges for the dog days of summer

Although a summer vacation in a tropical paradise, the Hamptons or Europe is ideal, a backyard oasis can be a holiday of its own with the addition of a snug outdoor swing or lounging space.


This Swingrest outdoor lounge designed by Daniel Pouzet is a culmination of relaxation and innovation and can sit on solid ground or float in mid air through an elegant suspension system. The incomparable hanging sofa is made out of aluminum and powder coated for more durability and appealing finish options.  Now the only real problem is managing to get any work done with this snug nest suspended in your garden. Nap time please.

Viteo Outdoors swing

Viteo Outdoors Design out of Austria has a number of outdoor collections that are perfect for any terrace, garden or other exterior setting. The sleek, three seat patio swing with its nod to yesteryear’s Hollywood swing begets a sense of nostalgia whilst being perfectly modern and cool.  Another lounge system that caught our attention was the Low collection by Viteo Outdoors. The low seating really reduces you to be one in the same with nature. Viteo says it best as “Inspired by nature this design does stand for clarity and harmony.”

Kokoon Hammock Royal Botania

Finally, we could not discuss outdoor lounging space without the design ingenuity of Royal Botania. This Kokoon Hammock is a resort in its own. This lounge is nothing short of romantic and a perfect spot for some poolside cuddling. The hammock is also available with curtains for a private outdoor love nest although we don’t think we’d want to share. Did we mention its nap time?


Florence von Pelet

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