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KBIS Design Studio: Tyler Wisler’s Millenial Outdoor Space

New York City based Tyler Wisler of Tyler Wisler Home shared his vision of an outdoor space designed with a Millenial couple in mind. As HGTV celebrity, Tyler wowed audiences on the KBIS Design Studio floor with great design, wonderful presentation skills and the absolutely best hair.

Please join our little Q&A to learn more about Tyler’s design process, the project he created and his views on being a Design Dad, Designer and Superhero all in one. As always, please feel free to ask about products used in comments or contact Tyler on Twitter at @NYDesignGuy or directly at his website at Tylerwislerhome.com .

Major thank you to Eric Schimelpfenig from Sketch This for collaborating with Tyler on the 3D renderings of the project.



Why did you choose to design for the generation you did?

I find the Millennials fascinating!… I know that I’m on the cusp of being considered part of that generation, so many of my views are within what is generalized by Generation Y’s neoliberalism and values…

Generational groups are useful shorthand-but what are the other big demographic factors you consider when creating a design concept for a client?

Marital status, as silly as it sounds plays a huge role in design… There is no way for example a Married Man’s Bedroom, would look like a Single Man’s Bedroom, or even a Divorces Bedroom… I mean come on!

When you designed your project did you have a specific client, imaginary or otherwise, in mind? Could you picture them?

I instantly thought of a young gay couple, raising a child… Sound familiar? Hehe! #TeamWisler

Tools of the trade-do you draw early sketches with pencil and paper-or work digitally exclusively?

It’s funny, being part of the younger generation of designers, I actually just missed the curve for being digital from the start… I feel like there’s almost more thought put into the act of physically sketching and erasing… I feel like you become more a part the project when you’re getting dirty, it gives the design a bit of an artisanal quality as opposed to heading straight for the computer, where despite the technical precision, sometimes a good smudge goes a long way when doing preliminary designs.

About You:

What’s the first song that come into your head NOW?

Don’t ask me why, but
“Yellow diamonds in the light
And we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine…

We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place”


What’s the last thing you bought yourself, as a gift?

A pair of Cole Haan Charcoal Wingtips with Red Laces, and I love em!

For whom, living or dead, would you most like to design an interior?

Wow, awesome question, that I don’t know I’ve ever considered… I do love John Varvatos and his aesthetics both in clothes and the designs of his shops, so I can only imagine I would love to do a residence for him. Bradley Cooper might be a cool guy to do work for since he’s very similar to my age, and I think coming from Hollywood, he might be up for having a cooler place… I would jump at Adam Levine, literally… And if neither John, Bradley or Adam were game, there’s  always RuPaul’s place! Who wouldn’t love creating a room devoted just to wigs!

Which superhero power would you most like to possess?

X-Ray Vision! Hehe!

And what would your superhero name be?

Tyler or NYDesignGuy or DesignDad

If you weren’t a designer (or a superhero) what would you be?



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