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Love Affair with London – A visual tour

I am rousing myself from my post-London Design Festival hangover and attempting to compose a love-letter to this city by the Thames. Having spent five days absorbing and devouring as much as I could you’d think I’d be sated. Impossible. Not even close. That’s how much London means to me. It’s a city in which design seeps through every cobblestone and lurks around every corner. If you haven’t been for awhile, please let me try to explain. London is pithy and precise without being prim. It’s bohemian chic standing (or slouching) proudly next to centuries old buildings in which there are contemporary designs and upstart brands delivering on the promise of what good design should be.

It is graffiti-strewn walls and street art that is breathtakingly beautiful and done in such a happenstance way that if you don’t know to look, you’ll miss it. It’s whitewashed brick exteriors with wrought iron fences and black enameled doors that are lined up as perfectly as any of the Queen’s horsemen.


Graffiti covered skateboard park on London's Southbank

Graffiti covered skateboard park on London’s Southbank

Graffiti turns Shoreditch's Brick Lane into an outdoor museum

Graffiti turns Shoreditch’s Brick Lane into an outdoor museum


The classical white Regency facades in Knightsbridge

The classical white Regency facades in Knightsbridge

It’s a city where an older gentleman sits for a moment, lost in thought, surrounded by color and life and design and seemingly not affected by any of it. It’s street performers and street-writers-for-hire. It’s gritty and run-down and teeming with young people who seem to have been born with their own innate fashion sense – whatever that might be. Nothing is off limits, nothing is to be sneered at, and all fashion attempts are welcome.  

Street Scene on Brick Lane

Street Scene on Brick Lane


Electric violin player dancing to his own tunes on Southbank


He will type you a story for a few coins.

Fashion is an amalgam – there is no other way of describing it. If tartan and flannel and cashmere and leather were thrown into a washing machine with some Doc Martens – what comes out is what a fairly typical Londoner might look like.


Cup of Joe and quick data fix



Color me happy!



Scottish referendum or no – plaids are there to stay

London is funky antiques married to contemporary design in an open marriage; each is allowed to pursue others with wild abandon because whatever it is they bring back enhances the other.

On the Strand - Corset Gown

On the Strand – Corset Gown

It is a city where you can see a bride in a traffic-stopping corseted wedding dress casually being photographed on the street – no big deal.


  • http://www.lynneknowlton.com Lynne Knowlton

    Erhhmergerd!!! LOVE this post. You captured it. You captured all the fast moments and the quiet moments and everything in between. It was a beautiful trip, surrounded by beautiful people. I am honoured that I was a part of it. Why? Because I had the chance to get to know each and every one of you on this trip. LOVE. Love. LOVE. xx

  • Anya Jensen

    Ohh you guys have walked my favourite streets and captured the amazing graffiti art work everywhere like I used to do when I lived there – such lovely images, so sad I missed you there but glad you shared these amazing pics with us. See you next time – A xox

  • http://www.michaelryandesign.com/ Michael Ryan

    wonderful post!


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