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Through the eyes of Design Pros: Meredith Heron at Highpoint Market


“Through the Eyes of Design Pros” allows interior designers to share their favorite trends and design inspirations from shows, markets and other design events around the world. Toronto based Interior Design talent and dear friend of Modenus, Meredith Heron, shares this wonderful trends report from Highpoint Market.

I am very flattered that Veronika asked me to put together this blog post on my recent visit to High Point Market in North Carolina. If you’ve seen the #hpmkt hash tag now you know what everyone has been referring to – if you were too embarrassed to ask what it was. As a result you will not be suffering from #FOMO any time soon (Fear of Missing Out) and I promise I will keep the acronyms to a minimum and deliver you the goods.

This was my inaugural visit to High Point and while I knew that I was going to be blown away, I was not entirely prepared for the explosion of amazing that I did encounter. Being from the design conservative country of Canada, our stores are filled with beige, bland and safe. Few patterns, everything has a northern European sensibility to it, it seems. High Point was a riot of colour, pattern and daring. I definitely found the mother load on this one.

The number one trend that I come away with from High Point – COCKTAILS. I mean they were everywhere including before Lunch. THAT’S the way to this Redhead’s heart even if I don’t partake. I just like knowing that I could. Apparently my husband discovered the world’s best Bloody Mary. It was becoming embarrassing how many times he and friend/designer Jonathan Legate found a way to go back by that showroom.

What resonates with me most about this trip is colour. It was everywhere. Can I get an AMEN?? I think it bodes well on several fronts. Daring bold colour used anywhere and everywhere makes a statement and not just aesthetically. It implies that consumers are feeling more confident about making purchases and that they are looking to invest in decorating their homes and they are willing to be more daring with it.

Bright, saturated hues were everywhere from chair frames to fabrics – big pieces adorned in large over-scaled patterns made my heart sing. Statement pieces were everywhere. I found myself hugging large pieces of furniture over and over again – it was quite the spectacle.


In addition to the big ball of awesome colour the trend toward the embellished was also a huge take away. Embroidery, much like the way it is on the runway, was everywhere. Appliques on fabrics and furniture pieces were all the rage. I’m sure that with the re-make of The Great Gatsby hitting theatres next week, this will be a strong trend going forward for at least this market and next. I’m loving the feminine influence on decorating. It’s been so streamlined, mid-centuried to death which I find all too  masculine.


Art Wise, over-sized and triptychs/quads were everywhere. Giclees or photographs – the art showrooms weren’t discriminating with this trend. Equestrian artwork isn’t going anywhere either but I was happy to see a wide range of choices to suit. Sadly, I’m still not seeing this translate into retail showrooms in Canada but one can hope. I’m horsed-out to be honest.



I’ve been shouting from atop my Soapbox for almost three years about the virtue of gold/brass and it seems that High Point agrees with me now. It was everywhere but other metals weren’t ignored as a result. I think metallics are huge and mixing them even more so. The Industrial and Abandoned Belgian Farmhouse was still around but I feel that there was less of this (annoying) trend than in previous years. I skipped showrooms that were flaunting it as I’m SO SO SO SO over it. Did I mention that I’m over it? Seeing sparkle and bling was enough to lure me in. Global Views and their new company Studio A had more sparkle than a jewelry store. I actually had to visit that showroom three times to properly absorb all that there was to see.


My favourite showroom was Chelsea House featuring a new collection by Lisa Kahn who also happens to be a dear friend. Well-appointed pieces that work in a myriad of decor styles Transitional to Traditional their versatility was most impressive. Strong feminine would be how I describe it – so totally up my alley. Lisa also serves as creative director for Chelsea House and her curation was sublime. I have two blogs devoted to my worship of this showroom links to which you can find below.  In the meantime, here’s a little taste of what to expect from them.

Speaking of cocktails, I think cocktails are definitely in order after all of this fabulosity. Make mine a double!

Want to read more about Meredith’s finds in Highpoint? See links below:



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