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Stockholm Furniture Fair – Tim’s Top Picks Part Two

Anna Kraitz and her  'Mama Look' bureau Part two of Tim’s picks from the Stockholm Furniture fair focuses on fun. We like fun and firmly believe serious is vastly overrated.

So lets start with wonderfully Swedish designer Anna Kraitz who I may just have fallen in love with. ‘So Anna, with all that braided blond hair, what was the inspiration for the handles on your ‘Mama Look’ bureau / chest of drawers for equally Swedish Kallemo?’ We will return to write more about Anna, we promise. When someone designs a table and a sofa with a belt, plates with buttons, a stool inspired by baking bread, a light called ‘Girl’ and a teapot called ‘Lust’, well you need to know more.  Kallemo also deserve greater attention .

Beatrix easy chairs,  from Kallemo.These are Anna’s Beatrix easy chairs, also from Kallemo. Named after her daughter Anna says that the buttons on the back ‘move the observer from traditional order toward a wonderful chaos.’

Spectra chair from KallemoAlso from Kallemo, this is Spectra.  I can testify that once you are sitting in it the motivation to stand up again leaves you completely. The biggest surprise is that I ever left.

Proust Chair by Alessandro Mendini for the Italian firm MagisThis chair is Proust, designed by Alessandro Mendini for the Italian firm Magis. Its hard to know what to tell you that you can’t see for yourself. It is big, it is red and it is as camp as a row of tents. What a great chair to make the Jehovah’s Witness people sit in when they call round!

Puppy by iconic Finnish designer Eero AarniioAlso from Magis, the red dog is Puppy by iconic Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. Penguin is a little further down the line. Eero is also responsible for the classic Ball Chair and Bubble Chair, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Shyeon Cho of Studio AmunaSo would we expect Shyeon Cho of Studio Amuna to have a spectacular mustache? Sadly, we know nothing about the designer of this piece other than their name and that they were showing in the new designers and student section of the show. We suspect, however, that they will be picked up by a major manufacturer and fame and fortune will follow. In which case, remember where you saw them first!

pillows from LUSFinally for today, a couple of pillows from LUS, a Swedish firm based just Northwest of Stockholm. We are going to feature their lights later in the week but thought you would enjoy these pillows. I said I would focus on fun but now feel bad for not including Vitra in this post. Their stand was serious, major fun and could probably fill a post all on its own. We will see…


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