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Maison et Objet – The Whimsical & Strange

While perusing the extensive exhibitor listing for Maison et Objet, there were a few vendors that caught my eye. Some because they were bold, some because they were innovative, and some out of sheer irreverence. These designers aren’t afraid to think outside the box, indeed, some of them have re imagined the box itself. For all those heading to the Parisian show this January, and for those who will be following along at home, here are a few of the quirky brands that grabbed my attention!

1. Flowerbox. This is the ultimate brand for those who enjoy bringing the outdoors in. Specializing in wall-mounted “flowerboxes,” this company has created the ultimate fusion of art, nature, and innovation. They also seem to have a great amount of fun doing it, if their ads are any indication.

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2.  Glammfire. This brand, much like Flowerbox, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Glammfire has completely revamped the modern fireplace, turning what is traditionally thought of as a functional, structural element into a statement art piece.

Glammfire, fireplace, art, interior design, BlogTour, Maison et Objet


3. Hemisferium I.C.A. S.L. This brand reproduces scientific artifacts from the past, celebrating the pieces both as works of art and as works of engineering. These offerings are beautiful and historic and would assuredly be conversation starters.

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4. Vivienne Maun (Hall 4, B30). This was perhaps the most unusual vendor I discovered, and also perhaps the most humorous. Sure to be a polarizing designer, Maun specializes in mounted faux-animal heads, which she lovingly names and imbues with rather distinctive personalities. I think you can safely call her work statement pieces. Meet Francoise, the Chihuahua:

Vivienne Maun, art, maison et objet, sculpture, blogtour cologne, humorous, animals


5. Les Quatre Z’ailes (Hall 4, A17). This vendor offers unique or limited-production lamps and lighting pieces that are inspired by poetry and plants. The whimsical nature of these sweet products would add a little magic to any room!

Maison et Objet, blogtour Cologne, lighting, art, whimsical, LES QUATRE Z'AILES


6. Yves Brand’honneur (Hall 4, C24 & D23). This award-winning French furniture designer creates beautiful furniture with humorous flair. These designs are striking and clever, elevating functional pieces like bookshelves and desks to the realm of art.

Maison et Objet, Yves Brand L'honneur, furniture, BlogTour Cologne, art, interior design, award-winning

7. Philippe Balayn (Hall 4, E32). These quirky, fish-themed wall sculptures caught my eye immediately. Whether or not I’d actually want one of these adorning my walls is unclear but I can appreciate the inherent humor and unusual nature.

Sardines, art, sculpture, humor, Philippe Balayn, Maison et Objet, BlogTour Cologne

8. Cyrille Morin Createur Verrier (Hall 4, E24). These beautiful, metallic cloud sculptures reflect light beautifully and create the illusion of volume, as though you have a personal little cloud floating about your home. I really enjoyed the whimsical subject of the sculptures juxtaposed with the slightly subdued and classic materials.

Cyrille Morin Createur Verrier, Maison et Objet, design show, sculpture, art, clouds


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