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Love London by Barbara Chandler – iconic images of an iconic city

Blogtour2011 in London has already been a success before it even started just because of the opportunity to meet Barbara Chandler, a renowned London journalist and photographer who’s primarily black and white photography revolves not only around her native London and England but also extends to Poland, France, Italy, Russia and Finland. Barbara is a wife, mother and grand mother  who’s clever wit translates beautifully into her work. Barbara has just launched a book of her most iconic images which should quickly become a must have for lovers of all things London.

London is not an easy city, full of contrasts and contradictions and Barbara’s work has captured the essence of the city perfectly.
Love London has 180 photographs in colour and black-and-white, over 91 double-page spreads on quality art paper. The photographs are matched up with appropriate short quotes from a variety of sources, including poetry, plays, novels, newspapers, and more, ranging from the 15th century to a modern blog. The earliest photograph is 1986, but a great many were taken last year especially for this book.  Love London is available for £ 9.95.

The book launch was followed by a corresponding merchandise launch at Top Drawer in London which means that her images are now available as wall art and post cards but also as wallpaper, pillows, fabric and dinnerware.  I wonder if Barbara may have been concerned about the idea of merchandise but if she was she needn’t have been. The collection is beautiful, inspiring and affordable, once again emphasizing a typical UK trend of having fun with design.

Similar to the book, pillows feature photographs and corresponding quotes on reverse sides.

I’m especially fond of this photo montage of images from the book that is now available as wallpaper at £40 per roll.

I wish Barbara and her partners the best of luck with this wonderful new venture. If you’d like to see more of her work please click over to Love London.

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