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Dwell on Design – our tradeshow trios march on

If Dwell on Design were being held in the capital of Brazil this would be our ‘trio from Rio’. It is of course, being held in LA, so here is our three from somewhere that doesn’t rhyme with trio, or three for that matter. Sorry.

Booth Number: 334
On Modenus

Now here is an interesting idea. Semi Handmade make doors and facings which fit IKEA kitchens. A great way to have your cake, or Swedish meatball as the case may be, and eat it too: You can take the rather inexpensive IKEA cabinet box and hardware and clad it with luxury woods like teak and walnut for a custom look with a less than custom price. Now if that’s not busting this recession in style I don’t know what is  and should you happen to already have a kitchen by the yellow and blue giant we love to hate, you can dispose of dated laminate doors and add style and luxe to your kitchen without tearing out the whole thing.  Clever, huh?

George Sacaris Studio
Booth Number: 1007

Now these are fun. Made by George Sacaris Studio, the Faux Bois Collection are just that, fake stumps. Made out of aluminum they can be used as benches, tables, stools and whatever takes your fancy. And, as George Sacaris is fond of pointing out, no trees were hurt in their manufacture. Nice!

SCALE 1:1 Inc.
Booth Number: 307

And this is what we want from a design show on the west coast – innovation, quirkiness and fun. Supernova is a huggable light. Never mind why, it just is and we love it and want it. In fact we want very many of them – now. It is inflatable, stuffed full of over 1500 LEDs and you can even get one which changes color at the command of a remote control. If you don’t like this you don’t like fun and I don’t want to talk to you – so there.

More picks soon.


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