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Daily Five:Day three – must see at ICFF

Botanica - Kiri rug by Naja Utzon Popov

Naja Utzon Popov
Booth: 2302

Day three of our “daily five” ICFF previews and there is no shortage of really interesting work to show you. If you have missed the last couple of days blogs then go hunt them out!  If there is someone you know is going to be at the show who deserves a preview then let us know.

The gorgeous rug shown above is Botanica – Kiri, by Naja Utzon Popov. She is a Danish sculptor, ceramicist and textile designer who works in  East London.  Her rugs are inspired by the shapes and patterns of nature of her homeland, Denmark that is, not East London.  We suspect that she is unlikely to be bringing any of her sculpture with her to ICFF but if you are coming and are lucky enough to run into Naja ask if she has any pictures, they really are spectacular.

Arabesque wall paper by Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper

‘It’s wallpaper Jim, but not as we know it.’ It is, in fact, ‘Arabesque’ a digital wall paper reproducing the designs of San Francisco based artist Rex Ray. Brooklyn based Flavor Paper are enthusiastic about using digital and traditional printing techniques. Sometimes they use them together. If you find yourself down by their workshop in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill you watch them at work thanks to some very large windows and strategically placed mirrors. Of course, if you turn up to ICFF you can just rock up to their stand and say ‘hi’!

Gabriella Asztalos Hug Chair

Gabriella Asztalos
Booth: 877

This is Gabriella Asztalos and that’s her Hug Chair. Gabriella was born in Budapest, grew up and studied in all sorts of interesting places , became a professional classical ballet dancer and then went off to study design in Barcelona where she designed her chair.  She is, we are told, ‘inspired by human body and human movements.’ One wonders what would happen if the hug chair were to meet Etta by Delightful ?  Gabriella’s web site tells us that “Consumers are not simply buying a chair. They are buying a statement where design and intimacy come together.”  It is very hard to know what to add to that.  So, probably not a chair in which to eat ham egg and chips while watching the football but undoubtedly an impressive piece of furniture.  Definitely a chair  to try out!

Norah light by Delightful


Not many things are certain in life but here are three. 1/ There are going to be a lot of lovely lights at ICFF this year. 2/ A lot of people are going to come away from the show with a new found respect for Portuguese design, 3/ Sooner or later a copywriter somewhere will describe something completely inappropriate as being ‘inspired by’ or designed in the the shape of, a woman’s body’.  Delightful contribute to all three truths. This is Norah, not the light with an allegedly female form, that follows, but, strangely, named after my aunt. Could that be true?  In any event, we rather like it, but then I did like my aunt Norah as well.

etta light by delightful

This is Etta, above, a wall light made out of copper leafs, which are tied in the middle. And yes, Delightful tell us that this ‘gives the idea of a woman’s girdled bust’.  Really? Someone has been to some very strange clubs.

Untiled chair by Zipperer Studio

Zipperer Studio
Booth: 2550
And finally for today, a chair from Zipperer Studio. The Zipperer website is silent on the inspiration behind the chair, what it is made of and, indeed, everything else. It tells us only that it is ‘untitled’.  We like how solid it looks, how you can store books in it and its very pleasing shape. Anything else we want to know, such as did the designer get to go to Argentina and did they learn how to write, is going to have to wait until next week when we get to meet Mr, or maybe Ms, Zipperer in person. Maybe they will lend me their book.

As you may have gathered this is the third in our series of ICFF daily previews. More tomorrow!

  • Tim

    @flavorpaper is on day three of the Modenus ICFF preview. Wild wallpapers

    - we love them!

  • Tim

    @Delightfulll on Modenus ICFF preview today!

  • Leslie Fine

    Enjoying the ICFF previews and looking forward to attending the show.

  • Tim

    Hey @lostmoggie One for you!

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    @lostmoggie:twitter Hey lost moggie. One for you!


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