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Daily five: Day seven – design heaven – at ICFF

Woodtec Porcelain Hardwood tiles from Porcelanosa in bathroom

Booth: 920

Lovely, isn’t it?  The crisp white wall and floor is tiled with Roble Boston – Woodtec Porcelain Hardwood from Porcelanosa.  The Tetris Vanity, Tebas I Sanitaryware, Sphera Bathtub and Essence Brassware. are all from  Porcelanosa as well. As you probably know, Porcelonosa are from the Spanish mediterranean coast over thirty years ago and have been a presence in the United States for over 20. Nothing I can say can possibly add to the quality, simplicity and simple good taste that is evident in the picture above.

Iannone Design dresser

Iannone Design
Booth: 2122
This cheerful dresser emblazoned with a giant dandelion is the best selling piece for the highly environmentally aware Iannone Design of Philadelphia. It is made out of  FSC certified plywood with kirei doors with the design cut out of white gloss laminate.  All of their furniture has a bright, modern feel without being gimmicky or novel for the sake of being different. I’ve just spent a very happy twenty minuets looking through their web site and may well slip them into another day’s previews just so I can include some more of their work. Photo by Ashok Sinha.

Bandon Sofa by ShimnaShimna
Booth: 2215

I guess all of us have found ourselves sleeping on a New Yorker’s sofa at one time or another. You’re not staying long enough to become a fully fledged house pest, your relationship with the host makes sharing a bed unlikely or just plain inappropriate. So you end up on the sofa and, being New York, city of small apartments and compact furniture, you find yourself wishing that either you were two foot shorter or one end of the sofa would just fold down.  The Bandon sofa by Shina makes your wish come true. Shimna have an interesting knack of using traditional designs to inspire contemporary furniture. I wonder if they could put me up for the night?

Floating lights by Smart and Green

Smart and Green
Booth: 1856

Now this is a cool idea. These LED lights from French company Smart and Green are waterproof, rechargeable and remote controlled. You can turn them on and off without plunging into your previously illuminated pool at the end of your glamorous evening or, worse still, the morning after. What’s more, you can even change their color.  Brilliant! (Or at least brilliant for around 8 hours, less bright for longer.)

Tom Dixon's new Bulb Chandelier
Tom Dixon

Is this man changing a bulb in Tom Dixon’s new Bulb Chandelier, introduced as a reaction, protest even, to the phasing out of incandescent bulbs and their replacement by ugly CFL alternatives?  And why is the moon so, gulp, close?

Tom Dixon is a bit of a hero, committed as he is to artisan skills , reviving traditions, driving innovation and being an ambassador for British creativity. He is also a man of boundless energy!

And, as a bonus for ICFF attendees he is giving away copies of his new book, Extremism, for an hour a day on the Saturday and Sunday.  The book explores seven interpretations of the extremism theme such as extreme weight, extreme craft and extreme color. Each chapter is printed on specifically chosen paper with specially selected ink relating to the contents of each theme.

And that’s your lot for day seven. Three more days of previews to go and we can start writing about the show itself. In the meantime, if there is anyone you think we are missing out that deserves a mention let us know!

  • Jocelyn

    Tim — you’ll have to fight me for one of those Tom Dixon books!

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    @iannonedesign:twitter You are on the Modenus ICFF preview. Cool work! #ICFF #ICFF2011

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    @smartandgreen You are on the Modenus ICFF preview. Love those lights! #ICFF #ICFF2011

  • Tim

    And you might win. Lets hope they have two!


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