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Daily Five: Day four- here’s some more – ICFF previews

Aqua Creations love seat called Gladis

Aqua Creations
Booth: 1762
On Modenus


Here’s how this is meant to work. Each day we preview five of the exhibitors at ICFF 2011. They all get one picture and I get to write some words which people either do, or don’t read.  I guess I’ll never know. Well yesterday I broke the rules and put in two pictures for Delightful because I wanted to show you the lamp they say was inspired by the shape of a woman in a corset.  Today I’m printing two pictures of work by Aqua Creations simply because I want to. Hope that’s OK.

Aqua Creations are best known for their almost ethereal lighting much of which is clearly inspired by marine plant life. The “Gladis” love seat however was originally inspired by a fingerprint and has been designed by Ayala Serfaty. When I met the very lovely Aqua people (does that sound like they are mermaids and mermen?) in Milan they kindly let me park my backside on their display model. I can confirm, as all good spokespeople say, that it is remarkably comfortable. Once you have settled into its curves the motivation to get up again vanishes from from memory.

 Aqua Creations 96Molecules lights

And these are some of Aqua Creations’ new lights. 96 Molecules, designed by Ilan Garibi and based on the ancient Japanese art of Origami. Alongside the ancient art is impressively modern technology. The lights feature digitally dimable LEDs which are touch operated. I could easily have selected another half dozen images for Aqua Creations. Or, of course, I could just direct you to their listing on Modenus.

Sakura by Sifas

Booth: 1910

Founded in France on the Riviera back in 1937 Sifas will supply you with glamorous outdoor furniture just about wherever you are.

This very modern outdoor chaise, Sakura, is designed by Brit, Mark Robson for Sifas. And its not  just a pretty shape, there’s some clever stuff going on here.What’s clever, apart from the simple. flowing design that is, is the fabric which allows water to flow through and will dry in 30 mins. That also means that there is no risk of stagnant water or, worse still, mold. If you want to know how this nature defying wonder is achieved you are going to have to turn up and ask. 

Wüd Furniture table and chairs

Wud Furniture
Booth: 1565

We are wondering just how many of our favourite exhibitors at this year’s ICFF have made it all the way from Brooklyn, a neighborhood which is beginning to feel like the creative capital of the Western world. That’s where Wüd Furniture Design are from. Getting on for ten ears old it was  founded by Corey Springer, a sculpture design graduate. That may explain the sculptural shapes of their furniture which is lovingly crafted from fine woods. There is something classic yet contemporary about pieces such as the table and chairs above. We are looking forward to seeing more.

housewives-wallpaper by Dupenny

Booth: 2402

Modenus UK is based in Brighton and, therefore, it comes as absolutely no surprise to discover that Dupenny are one of our neighbours. Their work is so ‘cheekey’ that one of their wall papers comes with a pack of stick on stars so that you have the option of covering up some of the ruder bits. Brighton is that sort of town.

Housewives is part of their range of wallpapers. Ceramics, cushions, lampshades and even furniture feature the same designs. Dupenny say they  like retro themes, making people smile, and the simple impact of black & white. They also say that they sometimes we use colour in small doses, but only if  persuaded with tea and chocolate hobnobs. If American readers are unsure about exactly what a hobnob may be, we suggest you find Dupenny at ICFF and ask them. Don’t worry – it is nothing rude!

ottomania kaftan rug by Top Floor Rugs

Top Floor Rugs
Booth: 1854

Top Floor’s founder and owner Esti Barnes is also the designer of their much sought after rugs. We like Kaftan, part of her new Ottomania collection.  We are told that the design draws on the geometric patterns used by the master-tailors and imperial kaftan-makers of the Ottoman court of the late 16th century. It is hand-tufted, of course, and available in any size and colour you want.

More ICFF 2011 previews tomorrow. Don’t forget to let us know if there is an exhibitor you want to see us feature.

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