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BlogTour at Origin Craft Fair – Lisa Swerlin’s Glass Cathedrals

I’ll admit I’ve gone whimsical as of late, what with Patrick Laing’s delft plates and Nina Campbell’s “Temperance Hall” drinking cabinet, but maybe a bit of whimsy is what the world needs right now and, as in Lisa Swerlin’s case, whimsy seems to need a bit of the world as well. Lisa creates what she calls “Glass Cathedrals” shadow box designs of miniature and often times minimalist worlds. Tiny scenes with big messages, that may be political, spiritual or about love or life in general. “All the Days” (above) can be customized with figures and maps to reflect your personal message.

Lisa’s career path was anything but straight and narrow and I feel the many detours reflect in her work today. Starting with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Oxford she then ventured into art studies at Saint Martins in London, and then, with husband Ralph Lazar left it all behind and moved to the Seychelles to set up a graphic art licensing company, Last Lemon which is renowned for its cartoons Vimrod, Harold’s Planet, Walphabet and The Brainwaves series of children’s books. Creating Glass Cathedrals was another impromptu decision but really is a wonderful extension of Lisa and Ralph’s previous work in children’s books and cartoons. Lisa’s work is available internationally and is shipped from San Francisco where she and her family now live.

Family Tree” is also  customizable with the tree carvings and figures to match your family description.

“The world is a scary place but  I have armbands” (US version says “water wings” instead) – meaningful whimsy and probably one of my favorites at the show.

“May we grow old on one pillow”

“Wall flower”

“The night job”

And finally “Golden” because childhood memories stay golden.

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