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Before and after – the Modenus effect!

David Stine and Kristall

One day you are wandering around a trade show, maybe Dwell on Design and you notice that Modenus is running a competition. Modenus calls it “Design Find Contest”. All you have to do is pose with some of your favourite products and send them off to the good folk at Modenus Towers. Flirting with some of our favourite manufacturers and artisans was not a requirement but hey, why not?  The next thing you know a very smiley man is delivering a brand new Ipad right to your front door. Congratulations to the lovely Kristall, enjoy your prize and thanks for the photo!

How can you get this nice young UPS guy to bring you an Ipad or another cool prize? Here’s the deal on Modenus’ “Design Find Photo Contest”:

1. Watch out for our next contest announcement at a trade show near you

2. Get yourself to that trade show

3. Have a picture taken of yourself with your favorite product at any or all of our participating exhibitors (the more images you enter the better your chances of winning)

4. Send us your pictures to be posted on Modenus blog

5. Wait patiently

6. End up the lucky recipient of an Ipad or another very cool prize

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