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Why Desiign needs two “i”s – Innovation and Inspiration (part1): ThinkGlass

Featured blog sponsored by ThinkGlass

Good design hinges on a number of factors  and setting aside for a moment the prerequisite elements like aesthetics, balance, harmony and an overall expectation of the designer to have met his clients needs, desires and ergonomic requirements, we are left with innovation and inspiration. The two “i”s that make resourcing and designing fun but that are also so frequently cast aside in exchange for the sense of safety that comes with the tried and true. Enter a short series of product lines to help re-ignite a passion for design and take the client on a journey to create something new, something innovative, something  inspired. 

ThinkGlass has been around for 11 years but got it’s real kick into the limelight through the commission of the famous chocolate fountain at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas in 2004 and has since grown rapidly into a leading manufacturer of thermofused glass with a 30,000 sf studio, 27 employees and a partridge in a pear tree. In other words they’ve done very well for themselves but what’s really impressive to us and the reason for us here at Modenus to mention this line over and over again is the versatility of finishes, shapes, textures and thickness that suddenly make glass a very viable contender for residential and commercial applications as counter tops and as architectural elements. The kitchen (top of page) and the fabulous Island design (above) are both done in “crystal” color but in different textures and the latter is obviously back lit, adding so much drama to this cool material.

ThinkGlass are quite aware of the fact that glass isn’t likely to be the first thing on a designer’s mind when specifying a residential or commercial counter top but maybe it should be  since it is an incredibly strong material,  it’s non-porous qualities are very convincing in a high traffic installation, the various available textures hide fingerprints and smudges and more than anything else it looks just soooo sexy, right? So yeah, may wanna think again!

And if you were wondering if ThinkGlass might be on Modenus we will now wonder as to why you haven’t asked sooner, of course they are.

Other parts of this mini series can be found here, now go and be inspired or, better yet, be the inspiration:



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