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Why desiign needs two “i”s – Innovation and Inspiration (part2): DuVerre

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In our three part mini-series we’re hoping to give your creative impulse a hefty nudge out of the world of the tried and true and into the world of truly exciting designs. At a time when when we look towards the clean, modern, organic and stylishly restrained we should still be allowed to indulge in something fabulous to give our designing hearts a much needed outlet and to let our designs stand apart from the rest, a bit of “ostentatious-eat-your-heart-out-dear-cool-neighbors” jewelry for the cabinet door, if you will. Above we needed to share ‘Offset’ by DuVerre and designed by award winning interior designer and mosaic artist Erin Adams, who has ventured out of her own comfort zone to create this interpretation of her mosaic work, so you see? Venture out, we say and good things will happen.

Oh, as if looks weren’t enough, Offset is made entirely of recycled aluminum and is therefor, you guessed it, LEED project worthy.

Another favorite in the clever company’s lineup is ‘Marcel’, designed by Goodman Charlton for what was originally a commission for the Marcel Hotel in New York, but now you get to use it in your next cabinet installation and oh, we’re seeing mid-century modern from every angle.

And finally a ‘Tribal’ from the woman who, like no other uses organic form, in this case the inspiration were African weaving sticks, and adds that inimitable dose of Clodagh magic to create a collection that is at once understated and totally over the top. We adore her for it. And yes, ‘Marcel’ and ‘Tribal’ are also made from recycled aluminum so go ahead, LEED the way. Is that a slogan yet? It should be.

And because we have great taste, DuVerre can also be found in our curated catalog on Modenus.

Other parts of this mini series can be found here, now go and be inspired or, better yet, be the inspiration:



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