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Where are all the cool fridges?

Built-in kitchens are great. They are easy to clean and easy to use but they are not for everyone.  And if your client wants an unfitted kitchen full of interesting furniture and appliances, sooner or later you are going to be asking the question that has had us stumped. Where are all the cool and funky fridges?

Italian firm SMEG does a nice line in 50′s retro in great colors and a few flags too

smeg fridgesmeg fridgesmeg fridgesmeg fridge

They come in a variety of colors and have a whopping 9.22 cubic foot capacity, now how is it that hundreds of countries can live with that fridge size and in the US we need nearly three times that? But ok, fine, for more space to hold more food, which we can then all throw out once it’s gone bad (do we hear a soap box topic coming? Yep.) Local offerings tend to have a bit more room to accommodate our post-war Europe inspired foraging behavior.

Elmira fridge Big Chill fridge

The red fridge is from  Elmira, it  comes in any of nine colours and is available with a 19, 18 or 11 cubic foot capacity. It is even available with a beer tap. Personally I can’t help thinking that a fridge that makes Martinis would be nice. And the orange monster is from Big Chill , it is available in 20.9 and 14.4 cubic foot capacities and a range of eight colors. There are also matching dishwashers which are seriously cool, but, we’re talking about fridges not dishwashers. So there.

And this is something different from Italian luxury fridge design company Meneghini.

Meneghini fridge

The Mia fridge/freezer range is handmade to commission as a single or double model and available in 500!! colors. We suspect that means you have to chose between the colors. It is not available in all 500 colors. Shame. Liebherr provides the guts that keep everything nice and cold. We’re told you have to be prepared to shell out in the neighborhood of $10k for this modern vintage, but come on. In the UK they are available through Robey’s, in the US…not sure. Anyone?

Meneghini fridge

But if I had my choice, I think I’d want this one, oh I know it’s so American of me, but look…it does everything! Does it have a TV and Internet and satellite up link? I’m sure it does and it still looks vintage.

But when all else fails and my convoluted dreams of mega luxury fridges don’t come to fruition, there’s always this:

coke fridge

Not sure how or where it can be made to work, but I like it. It is from American Retro, holds 80 cans of soda, or whatever, and even has a bottle opener. And if we can get the skirt in my size…

Have a cool week,


  • http://www.delmarfans.com/ Melissa

    I would love the large fridge. I would never complain about not finding room in the fridge again! I can’t image what size the kitchen needs to be for that to fit in.

  • Anonymous

    Well those are hidden behind the flags there. I like those designs and really looks very trendy. May be it pull out the love of your nation from the internal soul. Those are really attractive designs.
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