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The things we do for Italian design – Barazza appliances

I know I will offend a web designer or two, but I can’t hold back anymore, please someone tell me what’s up with Italian (ok, and French) websites? I do a lot of product research and anyone in my office knows that I’m back to Italian design when the music starts blaring and my face reflects sheer terror, utter confusion or both. It’s not that some of the sites aren’t attractive but could we maybe make a conscious decision to let the products be beautiful and the site primarily functional, before I lose the will to live? Rant over.

Now, having worked my way through such a site I want to share a piece, or two or three by Barazza an Italian steel fabricator come appliance manufacturer. I have no idea how well they work, but love the design elements that range from classic to modern to custom.

Barazza appliance

Barazza sink

I love this classic, yet unusual pair. The range we’ve seen in similar, and more expensive variation, from LaCornue who, by the way, employ a website that actually manages to show the visitors what’s for sale and where to get it, but the sink – amore mio – I love this freestanding little number. Great little unfitted kitchen combination, no?

Barazza oven

Barazza hob

From Barazza’s Modern collection, above is the Velvet touchscreen wall oven with an optional sideway sliding door and the Select gas cook top, which is just a pleasure to look at and that is likely all I would do with it, as my family will be happy to attest to.

Barazza sink

Also from the Modern collection, the brand new B_free series (thank you for correcting that Holly at BarazzaUK , a series of modular elements that make customization a snap, provided your counter top is long enough.

Barazza appliance

And just because they are steel people and because they can, Barazza offer a line of custom configurations made to order and that  makes me re-think my current kitchen Island. So maybe it is a bit far for special ordering and those websites will continue to make me cranky, but a bit of Italian eye candy never hurt anyone, right?

Italian men

  • http://hornbeckdesignpartners.com Nancy Manning

    So beautiful…and the appliances are nice too.

  • Holly Smart

    Hi there

    I look after the PR for Barazza in the UK and would just like to correct something in in your blog if I may. The modular elements pictured are in fact the brand new B_Free series and not part of the Lab range as described. For more information in the UK please visit http://www.barazza.co.uk

    Many thanks

  • charlotte peterswald

    Hi. I live in France and would really like to buy some of the range but can’t find who stocks it here and no reply when I emailed the main site. Could you help please?


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