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Be still my heart – gravity defying kitchen sculptures by Splinter Works

Kitchen  by Splinter Works

I love to talk as much as the next blogger and likely even more than some, but on rare occasions I feel that shutting up would be a really good idea. So when I came across these little pieces of kitchen porn, and I’m sorry but there really is no other way to describe them, I stopped talking, writing and to an unhealthy extent even breathing. Stunning, sculptural works of art that happen to also serve for food preparation are created by design duo Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington the raw talent behind Splinter Works, their studio just outside of London. The piece shown above is called “Tipping point” but wait, there’s more. You still breathing? Kitchen  by Splinter Works

The highly reflective mirror-polished stainless steel paired with the warmth of walnut cabinetry and reclaimed teak counter inserts is a dichotomy in that it is massively imposing in size and shape, yet oddly weightless due to the use of reflective surfaces. Feeling that pulse racing yet, fellow kitchen aficionados?

Kitchen  by Splinter Works

Still hanging in there? This piece, “Wink” has been realized in Jesomite and steel and while much more playful than the sleek “Tipping Point” is still a stunning piece that challenges the viewers sense of balance and gravity.

Kitchen by Splinter Works

I will say that I personally prefer the Tipping Point but did want to show this angle of “Wink” because it such an attractive solution for vent hood and task lighting integrated into the spectacular steel bridge.

Kitchen by Splinter Works

Seeing Miles’ and Matt’s designs makes me realize the importance of boundless creativity, not only to one project but to design as a whole. When you’re then lucky enough to combine that much vision with a keen sense of engineering and technical skill, then , well then you have Modenus raving about you. And surely not just us once we launch this little breathless blog. These friendly, slightly pac-man looking guys are called “Dime”, are made of rosewood and, the designers say, resemble coins. I’m sorry guys, I see apples so maybe we can rename them “Newton” ?

Kitchen by Splinter Works

You’re still here? Haven’t fainted yet? And not yet linked to Splinter Works’ website? What is wrong with you? I have nothing further to say. These guys are great and if you end up ordering one of their limited edition pieces, tell them Modenus sent you.

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  • suz

    My heart is racing and I can’t hear anything except the faint hum and lyrics of “Meet George Jetson…” WOW!

  • http://www.kitchensbymiketaylor.co.uk/ Ollie

    Very unique designs – stunning pictures thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.kelseyonthehouse.com Brian Kelsey


  • Marilyn G Russell


  • http://www.kitchenssimply.co.uk/ Kitchen

    These one is totally breathtaking! we all are love with yours ideas. Thanks for sharing this. Its a unique so I like It.

  • http://www.bes.co.uk/ plumbing

    These kitchen sculptures are amazing! One of the most incredible ideas I have seen. It shows a complete balance of high class designs and functionality.

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    Really brilliant kitchen furniture’s. Stunning.

  • Anonymous

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    Wow It so amazing!

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    really amazing idea.

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    really amazing idea.

  • http://exotikcar.com location voiture agadir

    really amazing idea.

  • http://twitter.com/JoceH Jocelyn Hutt

    Um…wow! I can’t even be pithy, these are so amazing….

  • http://www.modenus.com Veronika Miller

    You? Not pithy? Are you feeling ok?

  • http://www.quietatheist.com/ Slugsie

    Ugly and impracticable in almost all homes.


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