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A brand new hoodie – something unexpected from BEST by Broan

There are some familiar items of hardware, components of just about every home which have been developed and refined to the point where you no longer really expect anything new. And then you see something very fresh, quite unexpected. That’s the only way to describe some of the new hoods from BEST by Broan.  According to Brian Wellnitz, marketing manager from BEST, the Vertigo Double, shown above, was inspired by the shape of the air itself. He says “The designer mirrored the circular motion of the air in the hood’s polished silver curves, and we thought it was a brilliant way to pair the function of the range hood with a unique design.” Apparently, when BEST carried out market research many members of the public identified the hood as a chandelier. So it works as eye candy, but how about as a piece of kitchen equipment? BEST tell us that Vertigo Double is an air recirculation range hood, using special filtration to reduce smoke and odors. Of course, there will be someone out there who doesn’t want a sculpturally interesting hood, they want an invisible one. If that’s you, click continue.

When your kitchen has a view like this you really don’t want to break it up with a big stainless steel hood. And maybe you don’t have a view like this but… well you get the idea. This piece of cleverness is the Cirrus.  In our Kitchen designer days we’ve had to rethink the location of a hob simply because we didn’t want a hood above it.  Now the problem is solved. While many of the hoods from BEST stand out because they, well, stand out, Cirrus scores because it almost disappears.

Lipstick is as in your face as Cirrus is discrete. Modenus opinion is split on this one. Some of us love it and some of us are reminded more of an inverted fire extinguisher than anything we would want hanging above our hobs. But that’s what we love about interior design in general and this range from BEST specifically, something for everyone but not what they expected. You can see the full range on the BEST website.

Tim Bogan

Before he became Modenus’s eyes and ears in Europe, Tim Bogan was a communications professional working for commercial, government and not-for profit sectors. A journalist in the days before spell-checkers and digital anything his work was published in numerous publications the more respectable of which includes Time Out and the London based Observer. Tim was in at the ground floor with Modenus and BlogTour and continues to contribute whenever he can be dragged away from his search for the perfect recipe for pistachio gelato.

  • Andie Day

    Best’s market research is “spot on” with the comment that the island hood is often viewed as a chandelier and the Vertigo Double fills the bill. Must say that I’m not so keen on the “lipstick” model although at second glance it’s rather “Andy Warhol-esque” in it’s statement. Appreciate the post! Thanks.

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    Wow! These are truly great looking hoods! I like the lipstick like one. So chic and fashionable. Perfect for me and my lifestyle.

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    Kitchens play a major role in the design and look of the home and this kitchen surely does make this home a great heaven.


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