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Kitchen desks: absolute necessity or absolute waste of space?

So the yahoos at Apartment Therapy ran a post last week that touched a nerve. The post was about kitchen desks, but that’s not grand enough so they refer to them as kitchen offices. “We spend lots and lots of time in out kitchens and we’re so busy nowadays we’d be lost without being able to run our empire from a super cute kitchen office like this one.” I’m paraphrasing but not really.

Kitchen desk

The gushing was directed toward the desk in the photo above. I suppose that if you’re a nine-year-old and your empire consists of a front yard lemonade stand, a desk such as that would be fine. For anyone over the age of nine, it’s going to come up pretty short.

I rip out kitchen desks so often it’s practically a side line. I rip them out and replace them with something meaningful, like a pantry, because nearly every kitchen desk I’ve ever encountered was the size of the one above. The current owners can’t use it as a desk so it ends up the repository for the junk that has no other place to go. Here are a couple of shots from my Before files.

Kitchen desk

Kitchen desk

Kitchen desk

The owners of those desks would be mortified to see them plastered across the screen like this, but they prove a point. Kitchen desks are a waste of money and space. Besides, who sits at a desk in the kitchen anymore? Am I wrong? Do you have a desk in your kitchen that you use and love? Or is it the junk repository?

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  • http://www.loveaffairwithcolor.com Marilyn G Russell

    Thanks for ripping the kitchen desk out. Wholeheartedly I agree, “death to the kitchen desk”. I have one and I can’t wait to kill it. Major waste of real estate. Instead put in a nice wine refrigerator or additional storage. Nice topi!


  • http://www.garrendennylane.ie/blog Lorna

    I so agree with you, we had one in our kitchen when we moved into this house and it so become the place where all the post was piled up along with spare socks etc. I also got rid of half the worktop in the kitchen because I am a clutter queen and the more worktop/desk space I have, the more I fill it!!
    Plus, if I am going to work in the kitchen, I do so for a couple of hours and spread it all over the kitchen table!

  • http://www.wine-cellar-storage.com/ Wine Racks

    Thats a great post, thanks for writing it. I’ve saved your rss feed and will be eager to reading more!

  • admin

    Thank you wine racks, we are trying to a nice blend of new blogs every day.

  • http://letstalktile.blogspot.com Zoe

    Excellent post. I like the idea of a pantry (with enough room for one bookshelf, where few bedraggled cookbooks can be close to the action but out of sight.) Out-of-sight storage beats a cluttered desk any day!

  • http://adamessing.com Adam

    Kitchen desks are a waste. Now a kitchen mail center on the other hand would be handy since any open flat surface in my house is used to set mail on.

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