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NKBA GLOBAL CONNECT – A global vision for the kitchen and bath industry

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the authority on all things residential kitchen and bath, unveils NKBA Global Connect — an ongoing international initiative to connect kitchen and bath design industry professionals around the world.


The NKBA Global Connect mission is to expand visibility of the NKBA and the Association’s  trade show  — the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) — internationally with design professionals, brands, influencers and other industry constituents, as well as facilitating discussion on conducting business and participating in events in the United States.

Description: C:\Users\kwinkler\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\NKBA_GlobalConnect_Color.jpg“The NKBA is the Global Connector for the kitchen and bath industry — forging relationships and sharing insights and innovative ideas to inform, inspire and empower the kitchen and bath community around the world,” said Bill Darcy, NKBA’s CEO. “We are operating in a global marketplace. Our all-industry association is uniquely positioned to facilitate important connections internationally.”

The initiative comprises a number of activations, each with a specific goal, outreach and criteria, yet all designed to deliver on The NKBA’s mission. The activations are:

NKBA Global Connect Liaison Program

Designed to open a dialogue between international design communities (brands, specifiers and showrooms), the NKBA will connect international KBIS visitors and exhibitors with support services, educational opportunities and consulting firms in the areas of marketing, regulations, distribution and sales in North America. NKBA members will benefit from exposure, inspiration and relationships made worldwide. A network of carefully selected editorial liaisons (editors at large) will scout their markets, reporting on the best and newest products and projects, sharing through NKBA partnership and primary channels.                                                   

NKBA Global Connect Meet-Ups and Summits

Multiple events — more intimate get-togethers (Meet-Ups) as well as more formal thought-leadership presentations (Summits) — are scheduled throughout Europe for 2019 and beyond with a focus on sharing NKBA/KBIS information abroad. Additionally, international manufacturers and artisans will be invited to participate in a series of “speed dating” presentations called Design Bites, giving them the opportunity to present to North American and in-country media and influencers. During these events, the NKBA will make formal invitations to local designers and media to join the NKBA at KBIS and other NKBA industry events.

NKBA Global Connect KBIS Activations: 2019 and Beyond

A number of activations at KBIS 2019 geared specifically to international brands support an already robust NKBA/KBIS global presence. The 2019 edition will introduce an NKBA Global Meet-Up (at KBIS) bringing international designers, brands and showrooms together with North American NKBA members to meet potential buyers and distributor partners. These introductions are designed to engender continuing dialogue in both directions, deepening the NKBA Global Connect Liaison Program connections. Supported by Talks and Programs on and off the KBIS show floor — addressing the opportunities, challenges and realities of our global economy — the Association is demonstrating a strategic commitment to grow international conversation and support for all industry partners as they seek to gain traction in North America.

The multi-pronged NKBA Global Connect initiative is just a part of the ongoing strategy to encourage the growth of the kitchen and bath industry beyond geographical borders and into a global economic force.

For more information about the NKBA Global Connect, please email Silvia Lattoz, Manager of Government Relations, at slattoz@nkba.org.


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