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Tiles that make scrolling worthwhile – four seasons of tiles from Vetrovivo

Detail of tile by Vetrovivo

Sometimes we want to write blogs that will draw your attention to the things that inspire us, to things that we have found. Sometimes we feel the need to point things out.  Sometimes pictures are enough. Our good friends at 9/10 Castings brought these Mosaics from Vetrovivo to our attention. We think you will enjoy them as well. This is a detail from a tile by Maggie Slim. The full version follows. Dasy tile by Vetrovivo

Now that was worth scrolling down for, wasn’t it? Pannello Stuccato by Maggie Slim. Fresh, bright,  joyful and reminiscent of a summers day. And the seasons continue.

Spring  tile by Vetrovivo

Before Summer, spring. And after summer, because these are from Europe, Autumn.

 Foliage  tile by Vetrovivo

Vetrovivo call this Foliage but for me it is Autumn, or, at a pinch, Fall. And that leaves winter.

Bubble   tile by Vetrovivo

Bubble, as Vetrovivo know it. But we’re thinking of snow fall on Christmas morning with presents to unwrap, the smell of a real tree, mince pies and a glass of Port.  Well it is late morning. But how about the following as an alternative for our winter tile?

Tile by Vetrovivo

Raindrops on a window? Are we being fanciful, seeing too much in these tiles? We just know how much we enjoyed them. Many thanks to Vetrovivo.


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