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Things Modenus loves – Graphic Relief’s amazing patterns in concrete

I’ve just come across Graphic Relief, a London based surface design company that works mostly in concrete  and thought I’d share their proprietary technology with our readers. I’ve long loved the dark and moody designs by Timorous Beasties but seeing them applied to concrete adds so much texture and dimension, I’m left speechless. Check out the minute details below and don’t forget that this is concrete we’re talking about here. Simply stunning. Above is the Tree of Life pattern by Timorous Beasties.


Spring Blossom, also a Timorous Beasties fabric pattern, get’s a whole new lease on it’s already glorious life by being recreate with this much attention to detail. I have no idea how it’s done but maybe the team at Graphic Relief can explain a bit more.


Graphic Relief partner with a variety of surface designers to re-create their work in concrete and, I’ve read on their website, other materials are being planned. These pieces are renditions of the work of renowned illustrator and textile designer Sarah Arnett. My imagination is running away with me, just think of the possibilities for this….tile designs, large scale installations. Just about any piece of art, cast in stone.


And finally, the work of illustrator Yehrin Tong, New Scientist (left) and Apple (right) are another tribute to the fabulous level of detail the team at Graphic Relief can create. For more on this head over to their website.

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    These are increbible – thanks for sharing. The Tree of Life pattern is absolutely stunning. I hope this takes off in a big way.

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