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Birds of a feather: plume patterns are a soaring trend for 2014

Peacock 1


See what we did there with our title? Pretty witty considering we’re only slowly recuperating from a fabulous holiday break here at Modenus. Kicking off our coverage of trends and events for 2014 – The Feather and its use on ceramics, textiles, wallpaper and even in silverware. Enjoy!


peacock 2


American Indian inspired porcelain plates Bahia (above) by Pinto Paris come in six colorways and were our inspiration for this post on mostly modern renditions of the classic peacock feather.

peacock 3

 Mistral by Elitis is part of its Volare collection and comes in three colorways and is printed on fil a fil.

schumacher feather

And finally, Schumacher wows with its stylized feather patterns in Feather Bloom by Celerie Kemble. Hand painted on textured sisal, we’re especially intrigued by the deco inspired silver (far left) and plum (far right) colorways.

We would love to hear from you and learn about your trend ideas for 2014, please leave a comment below and share what you’re looking forward to next year.

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