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ONGO chair – for responsible adults who care about their backs

We are highlighting the pick of the exhibitors from  Imm 2013 in Cologne. You won’t have missed that Cologne is the latest destination for Modenus BlogTour so don’t forget, you can also follow our bloggers here, and on the #BlogTourCGN Twitter hash tag.

ONGO chair in kitchenThere is a serious point to the ONGO chair. One of the causes of backache is a lack of exercise. Put plainly, sitting still for long periods is bad for you. That said, falling off your chair isn’t great either.

ONGO chair in work settingOf course, there is no reason for responsible adults to fall off their chairs. They can sit around a table, focusing on their work, maybe moving around a little. That said, we’re not sure if the term ‘responsible adult’ is really appropriate to the Modenus editorial staff.

ONGO chair with kids on the floorThis, we suspect, is a more likely scenario. That said, of course, if behaving yourself perched on top of an ONGO chair is the price to pay for a healthy back then its a price worth paying. And we will ignore Modenus Tim’s delight at the thought of ONGO bar stools.


  • http://twitter.com/lovechicliving Jen Stanbrook

    Aren’t they fabulous! As someone who suffers with back issues, a chair like this is a must.

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