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The Chocolate Light by Alexander Lervik

In England we have a phrase ‘ As much use as a chocolate teapot’. While American readers ponder that thought, please meet the chocolate light by Alexander Lervick.

Chocolate Light by Alexander Lervik

Modenus met Alexander at the recent Stockholm Design Week where he told us, with evident amusement, that he started by wanting to design a light which gives off no light at all. You turn it on, the bulb heats up and the light starts to emerge, he says ‘ like light spreading along the horizon’.

The whole process takes around 15 minuets and is mesmerizing. And when its done you can, indeed, eat the chocolate.

Of course, its the process that makes this piece – what you really need is a video. And maybe some chocolate to eat when you have watched it.


Lumière au Chocolat from Alexander Lervik on Vimeo.

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