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Product spotlight – Full Blown Metals’ pillow talk

I just can’t take it, these are absolutely great!

Do I really have to blog about this or will just the photos do and I shut up for once?

Well, here’s the gist to keep you in the know.

Created by Stephen Newby of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK we give you the Full Blown Metal line of, well… blown metal pillow sculptures/mirrors/furniture and anything else, it seems, that you never realized could be created from stainless steel pillows.

Full Blown Metals - Oblong pyramid

Oblong pyramids are cascading waterfalls comprising blown stainless steel pillows arranged into a pyramid structure.  The project was commissioned by Unique Interiors who also supplied all the furniture .

Water flow clings to each highly polished surface, following different paths in the creases of the blown steel as it decends*  L 1.6m / H 90cm

Full Blown Metals - soft seatStainless steel and soft leather seat* H 90cm /W 80cm /D 75cm

Full Blown Metals - Super bowlCentre piece bowl* W 50cm (large size)

Full Blown Metals - Silver Screen

Modular stainless steel pillow screen, for use as room divider. The design employs a vertical hinge system to allow the screen to fold up or be repositioned – model shown: H 1.6m / W 1.6m / pillow size 33cm square.

Full Blown Metals - Floating pillows

Water wall in polished stainless steel with attached pillows that appear to float in mid air in front of the moving water * H 2m / W 1m

  • http://www.uniqueinteriors.co.uk Glynne Gerrard

    The photo above of the water feature was our project we commissioned this and had it built all the furniture was supplied by Unique Interiors

  • admin

    Hello Glynne,

    sorry about the delayed reply but I was out on a much needed holiday. The application is stunning and we will of course add a link to your company as well to credit you for the project.



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