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Laboratorio dell’Imperfetto – a perfect line of perfectly unexpected design

Laboratorio dell'Imperfetto

‘Imperfetto’ in the sense of  ‘unique and exclusive’. This is how  Laboratorio dell’imperfetto likes to think of its  the fibreglass, wood and leather objects produced  in its factory in Gambettola – Italy.

Each piece is made from a mould,  then sanded, painted and polished by hand. That’s what makes them unique. These are there domestic sculpture, ranging in height from just over a foot  to over six. The furniture which Imperfetto makes is just as remarkable.

Ciottolo stool by Laboratorio dell'Imperfetto

Ciottolo is a stool that il Laboratorio dell’ Imperfetto says recalls the pebble stones along the river banks. They recommend it for outdoor use in gardens, beaches, swimming pools, handmade in fibreglass, it is resistant to thermal shock, impacts and sunlight. We think it also works indoors, especially in public areas. Available in white, black or natural finish, Ciottolo is available in eight different models. There are also two Ciottolo tables. Arranging them is probably almost as much fun as arranging the domestic sculptures.

Pupik Chair by Laboratorio dell'Imperfetto

Pupik are sculptural, varnished fibreglass armchair with a metal base. Would a pillow ruin those lovely lines? Would you want to sit in this chair without one?

Mercurio sofa by Laboratorio dell'Imperfetto

Mercurio is a sofa. Honest. We’re told that it is very comfortable. We can see that it has a mirror like finish and is unlike anything else we’ve seen, and we’ve seen a lot of sofas.

Semi Table by Laboratorio dell'Imperfetto

And Semi is a table, measuring 70x 55x 35 cm, in case you were wondering. Its available in white and nothing else. Its clean simplicity is as restful as it is elegant.

There is a lot more in the dell’imperfetto catalogue, bowls to eat from, bowls to sit in and more remarkable furniture. Creativity like this needs to be celebrated at every opportunity.


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