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Just the kind of Guy I like – the luxury of Christopher Guy

Believing that ‘in every culture, decorative heirlooms define a nation in much the same way as its music, poets and writers,” Christopher Guy set out to create this generation’s heirlooms.

Drawing his inspiration from his diverse upbringing – he seems to have lived everywhere -  Christopher Guy seems to be able to somehow gracefully combine the aesthetics of these cultures into objects that have a distinct point of view – rather than their being just an amalgam, each one is almost its own country – redefined.

He seems to avoid straight lines in lieu of a curvaceous, over the top, take no prisoners design – but given the larger than life products he produces, somehow they still manage a certain delicate countenance.

I don’t know how else to say this without invoking someone in pop culture who also was over the top but here goes: the man in this mirror is magical.

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    I love those designs. They are gorgeous. I would love to put that in my dream house. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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