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Eins, zwei, eins, zwei – Bruehl, it’s like German but with a sense of humor

Bruehl mosspink flow sofa from salone del mobile

Showing at Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan, Brühl Furniture is a great example of modern without being stark and playful without being unusable. Fresh colors, friendly shapes define the company’s ‘Innovation’ line which symbolizes Brühl’s philosophy of creating furniture with clarity. Shown above is ‘Mosspink Flow’

bruehl morning dew chair in pink from salone del mobile

According to Brühl, “Clarity in design means forms which are simple, straight-lined, essentially right-angled, with curves and sloping surfaces setting sensitive accents. Clarity lies in carefully balancing proportions and volumes in an harmonious interplay of all the elements. And clarity means not least reduction, the art of omission, emphasis on the essentials.” Shown above is “Morning Dew”

Bruehl mosspink flow sofa from salone del mobile

We’re not totally sure about all the talk of clarity but we wanted to point out the line because it’s fun, young, versatile because of it’s many modular elements and because it’s unafraid to play with shape and color. This is another piece in the “Mosspink Flow” line that can be reconfigured through various back bolster shapes and locations.

bruehl blanche sofa in red floral and white leather

We may be a bit old fashioned but we like “Blanche” for it’s shape but also, at least in this example, for it’s nod to more traditional pieces. The back remains tufted white leather while the seating can be covered in various fabrics to match or contrast.

bruehl powder chair in blue from salone del mobile

And finally “Powder”. The fun little tub chairs make a great accent as a cluster or just a single piece. We love the little angled wing element. With a fun line like that we now have to go back to our book of opinions on various cultures and add “sense of humor” to Germany, never thought we’d see the day.

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