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When you turn back the clock…

Newgate Clocks

In a months time, maybe less , we will realize that there is at least one clock that we didn’t turn back when the time changed. It may be in the car, it maybe on the front of the oven. But odds are that our hearts are going to beat a little faster when we catch a glimpse of the disingenuous dial which is an hour ahead of where it ought to be. A good clock can be a focal point of a room and we thought it was timely (sorry) to round up a few of our favorites.

The handsome selection above are by Newgate who produce some lovely  traditional timepieces. In amongst them is our favourite, the Ecuador Clock.

Newgate Ecuador ClockIt is traditional, battery powered and if it didn’t measure almost four foot in either direction, would make a very nice watch. And if you prefer your retro timepiece circular, how’s this,

Newgate Ticket Office ClockThis is the Ticket Office Clock, its around 18 inches across has a wooden case and would look handsome in the hallway or kitchen. And you could feel stylish and punctual. Newgate also do a range of 60/70′s clocks.

Newgate Lincoln Mirror Clock

The Lincoln Mirror Clock comes in a couple of colour variations and either for your wall or as a mantel clock. Is this the clock for the beatnik generation? One more from Newgate,

Newgate Vision ClockMeasuring about two foot across, with chrome, acrylic and metal, the Vision belonged in one of those rooms which were desperately modern. Groovy baby!

Some of the clocks on Modenus have been getting a lot of attention. These are the ones people have been clicking on:

Establish and Sons Font Clock

The Font Clock from Established and Sons works its way through a dozen typefaces. It can’t just be the typographers amongst you who keep inquiring about this. And for a gentle twist on tradition -

Westergaard Designs Stag ClockWestergaard Designs Stag Clock takes the traditional hunting trophy and turns it into something a lot more acceptable. And stylish. And finally, for now, one of the more curious, if not bizarre, products we have had on Modenus, the Grandfather Clock that comes in a flat-pack.

Giles Miller Grand Father Clock

Giles Miller is spending a lot of his time focusing on creating surfaces such as his installation in Stella McCartney’s Paris Store but his Grand Father Clock, built out of Cardboard and featuring handy, if unexpected, storage space continues to attract attention.  Surely every home has space for a cardboard grandfather clock? And what a great Christmas present!

Enjoy your extra hour in bed!


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