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When the going gets tough the tough get laughing – What makes you laugh?

And already it’s time for another Let’s Blog Off, which, knowing that it’s a bi-weekly event is frightening since I swear we just finished the last one. Time flies and maybe that is as good a reason as any for you to enjoy this blog – and the many others that will be contributing – for what it is and take the time to LOL or ROFL or even ROFLYAO. Since we are a design community, website and blog I always do what I can to stay in character and keep the topic somewhat closely related but today, no, this is time off for me as I write about and revisit some of my old favorites. So not only because laughter is  the best medicine, in fact just the medicine  that may be needed with today being Election Day but because you deserve to stop the presses for a few minutes to kick back, get a fresh cup of coffee and laugh.

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The infinite wisdom of Calvin and Hobbes has made its rounds as an inspirational read in business management seminars in addition to being a proud part of any self respecting cartoon library. I love the humour, the simplistic rendering with the single squiggle that defines Calvin’s hair and his feet that look like dinner rolls, but there’s something else. There’s an exuberance, a sense of life, the smell of grass on a warm sunny day and the feeling of snow on your face. Calvin and Hobbes doesn’t do much for my children. I think you have to be done being a kid and know how great it would be to go back to appreciate it.

The Far Side, I know must be a favorite on so many blogs today, but here it is. I can read it and reread it and then I do what makes my mother go crazy to this day – good enough reason to do it even more – I SHARE it. Yep. I’m a big “you have to read this” or “listen to this” person. Aren’t we annoying when we do that? When you’re quietly trying to read a book of your own but you’re sitting next to a SHARER? To me that’s actually when humour comes alive, when I can share it with a kindred spirit, someone who is as big of a goofball as I am and who is willing to take a simple joke or funny observation and beat it to death. Sorry mom, maybe you weaned me too early.

I want to leave you with two of my all time favourite videos. And maybe my favourite of all comedic styles, the British Humour. From Eddie Izzard, to Faulty Towers and just about anything in between, when given a choice I look for something British on the telly. It’s cynic, it’s dry it’s massively self deprecating and it gets me every time. The first video is “Leaving the Normals” and will need no further explanation and the second is Bernard Black of Black Books, yet another, surprisingly short lived, British comedy classic. The story of a perpetually hung over, grumpy book shop owner who hates people, especially those who want to buy his books. This however is a solo performance as a book he has written has been rejected. Enjoy!

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  • http://www.dogwalkblog.com DogWalkBlog

    I had forgotten The Far Side! My favorite (and I can’t find it even with the vast resources of Google) is a building inspector sliding down a roof of a house with a deadpan expression, holding his notebook and the caption went something like, “At some point during the inspection, Bill discovered something terribly wrong with the roof.”

    I like graphics in contrast with their copy, tone out of synch with the situation.. The British do that incredibly well.

  • http://www.dogwalkblog.com DogWalkBlog

    And yes, I know The Far Side is drawn by American Gary Larson :-)

  • http://blog.energyvanguard.com Allison A. Bailes III

    Well, Veronika, yours is the first letsblogoff post to make me laugh so hard I cried. That video of the kid running away from home was brilliant! I also love Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side. (I actually delivered the newspaper to Gary Larson’s house for a short while in the ’80s.)

  • http://www.tamaradalton.net Tammy Dalton

    Brilliant! Very funny stuff, that! And I completely forgot about the Far Side. That’s always been one of my favorite cartoons too. My favorite one is of a dachschund dog standing on a stool in the kitchen making an espresso, and it says “While their owners sleep, nervous little dogs prepare for their day.”

  • http://urbanverse.posterous.com Cindy Frewen Wuellner

    Veronika, posted a comment earlier and thought it got buggered, sho nuf, not here… but I’m persistant! I love Calvin and Hobbs! and Far Side too.. really miss those. so true – we’re just making order from chaos, sense from madness. and that poor kid… looks happy to be outta there… funny stuff. thx for the chuckles. cindy @urbanverse


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