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Welcome everyone!

And after two years of planning and months of development we are finally launched in our first beta phase, which is an obscure word for “yes you can come in but please forgive the dust while we continue to tweak things and add more features”. As the brain behind a project like this you’re never really ready to launch it before it has reached a degree of perfection, but few days ago, our amazing development team assured me they would send people to bind and gag me so they could launch the first version of Modenus, for the world to see and comment on. And they were right. It’s your site, so comment away. Welcome!

What was I thinking?

A question I hear often, particularly from the general direction of my mother and a question that doesn’t always come with a good answer. But for Modenus I do have a good answer. I wanted to create a community for designers, consumers and manufacturers, that would open new opportunities for them, opportunities to meet new clients,  interact with peers, collaborate remotely on projects, locate unique sources globally and to work more efficiently and profitably.

At a time when design studios were forced to close shop, downsize or return to the home office, I wanted to find a place where some of what had been lost could be re-created,  virtually. Now there are actual benefits in some of us having had to re-think our overhead and business model, something that tends to get  neglected when things are going well, and I trust that having learned some lessons we can all move into the next upturn, which is showing little buds everywhere at the moment, with a better understanding of the options and tools now available to us.

As a result of all this thinking and many long nights spent pontificating with some of the local University’s finest minds in mass communications and digital media, I set forth onto a rather ambitious journey that will continue to challenge and inspire.

So what will Modenus offer you as a designer?

  • Personal dashboard with at-a glance project status
  • News feed with important information from manufacturers and vendors if you have chosen to follow them
  • Public profile that allows you to show a sampling of your work
  • Community area with blogs, forums and…more to come soon!
  • Curated manufacturer’s catalog of beautiful products from all over the world
  • Really, really smart search that learns as you go
  • Project manager that was developed by designers not accountants. It is kept purposely simple to not overwhelm whilst being functional. (Coming late September!)

There’s more, much more, but now you’ll have to wait and see.

So how can you get involved now?

We would love to hear from you and get your feedback, your input, your thoughts and would for you to be there with us from the start.

  • Share with us which manufacturers you would like to see on Modenus
  • Talk to us about concerns you currently have in managing your projects or in dealing with your clients
  • Or just talk about your company, send us some images of your work, we really want to get to know you. Really, really!
  • Oh and if you like what you see – TELL YOUR FRIENDS – of course.

Most importantly, get in touch, get involved..it’s your design community, make the most of it.

Veronika Miller – Founder and CEO Modenus

  • http://www.kitchendetailsanddesign.com Details and Design

    how about the part where you help manage my LIFE???? And by way, can you come down and help me organize furnishings, unpack boxes, put away SHIT that i do not know from whence it came….and maybe sit on the floor with me and drink a glass ( or bottle, or two) of wine?? While I whine? Ha! Now that would be a cool site!!

    I am anxious to see the unveiling..think all sounds great! I am not sure how I can help but let me know! I can’t think too well these days though so you have to dumb it down for me! ~~~Cheryl

  • http://www.kitchendetailsanddesign.com Details and Design

    oh gosh….guess I meant “come up” since I am in panhandle and you are down below…:)

  • http://www.loveaffairwithcolor.com Marilyn G Russell

    I’m looking forward to the Modenus launch. I foresee great things…….

  • http://www.allureinterior.com/blog Connie S

    Hi Veronika, thank you for offering the Design community, yet another venue to learn/share. I am on Linkin quite a bit discussing issues about trade, social media, you name it, not to mention, Facebook, Twitter and my own blog and website. Trying to juggle clients, staying current with FB, Twitter, LI, emails, vendors, not to mention, current trends in furnishings and products is daunting at times.

    I can’t imagine another place (website) I need to keep current, check on each day, since I am already maxed out with time. I do enjoy reading emails first thing in the morning with a cup of java, learning about the latest & greatest products, ect…will your product be something that I can’t wait to look at and read? Is it really going to compel clients to come to your website and find us (designers)? With all due respect, I hope you are successful! Is your model like Decorati?

    My best to you and good luck?

  • admin

    Hello Connie,
    thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment on “Talking about Modenus”. I read your comments about Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and all the other important tasks associated with being a good designer, with a smile, as I too, juggle those accounts and, in fact, am readying for a meeting with a fellow blogger today (yes on Saturday) to help us streamline some of our social media features.
    Difficult to do since I believe social media is only beneficial when the input is honest and done with a level of personality.

    And I fully understand your concern about “yet another site” and having to juggle still more information. It is one of the reasons we keep the look and feel of Modenus very clean and calm.

    We do showcase a manufacturer’s catalog on Modenus and in that we may have some resemblance to Decorati and other sites but overall, our concept is quite different. We are more community driven, with pro- and consumer forums (separate) sitting at the heart of the site. As a designer you can engage in both forums, consumers can only enter one. This gives you a chance to really talk to peers, but also a platform to meet potential clients in the “ask a designer” forum.

    Finally, as trade, you will be able to save products to specific client files and manage that file alone or together with clients and team members right there on the site.
    Your dashboard on Modenus will provide you with at-a-glance information about active projects, important dates, special sales or announcements by manufacturers and vendors from whom you have requested information.

    So to sum it up. We are more of a productivity focused platform offering you ways to manage projects and products more efficiently while being able to interact with peers and showcasing your work to new potential clients.

    I look forward to being in touch with you on LinkedIn, where I am also very active and welcome your input as we are launching the site.

    Thanks again for your great comment,

    Veronika Miller
    CEO Modenus

  • http://www.holleygill.com Michelle from Holley & Gill

    Hi Veronika,

    I’ve been seeing your tweets around and really was curious as to what this site would be and become. It sounds like a great tool for all designers (as well as the listed manufacturers) and am happy to see someone care enough to take that extra step and create a platform unique to them.

    Looking forward to seeing it in action.

  • admin

    Now THAT was a lovely comment. Thank you very much for that. I’ts been a long journey to get to this point and I look forward to not only launching Modenus but working alongside manufacturers and designers to really make it a tool that benefits both groups.

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  • http://designsuccessu.com Gail Doby

    Ah yes…it’s always harder than we think…takes twice as long an costs twice as much…and then…

    Best of luck in the soft launch. Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind.

  • http://www.halcyonhousedesign.com Ashleigh Weatherill

    Great concept…I look forward to seeing your dream realized. Best of luck and I’ll be checking in often.
    (ps. feel free to add my email to your distro list)

  • http://www.kgstyleblogs.com Keska George from KG Style

    Fantastic news! I can’t wait for the launch.

    This is definitely the place where I want to spend my time at!

  • http://www.SimpleMarketingBlog.com C.B. Whittemore

    Congratulations, Veronika! This is so very exciting. Best, CB

  • admin

    Yes but now I’m so very tired………………… :)

  • Todd McDonagh

    home design’s newest rock star has no time to be tired.

  • http://www.nylafreedesigns.com/ Nyla

    Hi Veronika, I think this sounds like such a great platform. Anytime you can connect designers, consumers and manufactures in one forum is a good thing for all. Really keen to see this evolve. I’m also interested to see how you will draw the consumers here and if you are referring to the ‘client’ as the designer-manufacturer relationship or designer-consumer relationship. Just curious… :)

  • http://www.mr-uxn.com kris schirmer






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