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Warning!!! Warning!!! – Evil Robot Invasion! And they’ve got Wallpaper!

Evil Robot Designs WallpaperYou’ve got to love these guys. Evil Robot Designs are a couple of British artists who tell us, with fairly straight faces, that they are called  ‘EVIL ED and Dan Robotic’. Yup, ok.  They have been getting a lot of attention for their distinctly quirky designs, many inspired by toys of the 1980′s with a little comic book excitement thrown in for good measure. Their Shazame table is influenced by – well, I don’t need to tell you these things, but it is their wall paper I wanted to share with you. ‘It Came From Beneath The Sea’ is a wonderful cacophony of octopus legs.

Evil Robot Designs WallpaperGo on, take a closer look. I’m not sure I would want it above my bed, or in a formal dinning room but there has to be a place for it somewhere. Suggestions from the Modenus family of sci-fi fans and designers welcome!

Evil Robot Designs Wallpaper‘It Came from Outer Space’ follows a similar theme. This maybe one for the Robbie the Robot fans amongst us. But of course Robbie was friendly, not evil at all.  Someone out there would rather I told you something useful about the wallpaper.  It is printed on traditional wallpaper in the UK, is available by the roll and can be custom coloured to your requirements. Oh, and there is, of course, a design featuring robots.

The Three Laws Of Robotics - Swatch - Evil Robot Designs WallpaperAnd this is ‘The Three Laws Of Robotics’.  There is a lot of great wallpaper out there and no shortage which could, arguably, be filed under ‘quirky’ but there is something special about these guys. If you are wondering where you have seen them before you may be remembering a flurry of press coverage about their lamps, crafted from old toys. British celebrity designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen championed them and they were also featured in the UK  Elle Decoration. Our attention was drawn by a blog by the very splendid British Blogger and BlogTour Alumnae Stacey Sheppard  - Thanks Stacey!

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